The Actor Behind “Olaf,” Josh Gad, Reads Bedtime Stories To Your Kids During the Isolation

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Josh Gad

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Being stuck inside with little socialization is no joke. Coronavirus precautions have shut down the Disney Parks, and most recently, stores at Disney Springs are closing left and right in an effort to stem the spread of sickness. If you’re looking for some Disney Magic at home, we here at Inside the Magic suggest you turn to Twitter!

Since March 13th, the Frozen star has been reading to kids and families each night. “Since we’re all stuck at home right now I figured we would have a little fun together,” Josh related to us. “So I’m going to see how this goes, but I decided I’m gonna read to you and your children — or just you, depending on what you prefer. I’m not gonna pass judgment right now since the world is a little bit of a hot mess.” As Josh Gad reads to us every night, we’ve got to thank him for bringing a personal touch to such a difficult time

Josh Gad Reads Bedtime Stories To Us

While he might not be dressed in an Olaf costume (we’re holding out… there may be extra magic down the pipeline…), the actor is using all sorts of enchanting voices to bring more life to the storybooks.

A person standing with Olaf, a Disney character of Frozen

Last Night, Josh Gad read us Dr. Seuss’ Hooray for Diffendorfer Day, which you can find on Amazon. Past readings have included The Giving Tree, The Day the Crayons Quit, and Olivia goes to Venice. We’re looking forward to tonight’s story at 7:30 pm, EST! Josh will tease out the upcoming book and remind you of storytime right from his Twitter feed. What will be listening to tonight?

More Gad Fun

Don’t forget that you can grab extra magic from Josh Gad since Disney+ went ahead with the launch of Frozen 2. It’s streaming every day from your living room while you help stem the spread of COVID-19.

And if you are scrolling on Instagram, you’ve got to see Josh Gad try out the Disney filter. His results deserve a warm hug!

And lastly, the master of comedic timing, Josh put out a personal video of him trying to irritate Daisy Ridley (with plenty of other friends) to give him Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoilers. The results are hilarious!

What book would you ask Josh to read? Leave a comment below!

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