NEW Disney Princess Tie-Dye Tees Will Bring Color To Your Wardrobe

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T-shirts inspired by Disney movies

BoxLunch has released a line of eye-catching princess tie-dye shirts in a variety of pastel colors. What’s even better is that they are all currently marked at 40% off, which means each shirt is under $20! So don’t miss the sale — hurry over and grab one before they’re gone!

Time To Update Your Warm-Weather Wardrobe!

With Spring in full bloom and Summer right around the corner, many people are finally getting around to shifting their wardrobes. One of the best parts of this shift is getting to put away all of our dark and bulkier clothes and starting to lean into light and bright colors to match the new pleasant weather! 

Pocahontas Tee

This tee features Pocahantas, Flit and Meeko and the pattern spirals around the center of the shirt with light blue, light purple and orange colors. 

A Pocahontas colorful T-shirt

Sleeping Beauty Tee

This Sleeping Beauty tee dons the quote “Trust your Magic,” and features well known fairy friends — Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. This tie-dye is a vibrant pink and blue pattern, an ode to the “make it pink, make it blue” dress-making scene in the film. A colorful T-shirt with inscription Trust ypur Magic

Tangled Tee

What may be my personal favorite of them all, is a nod to the movie tangled, featuring a Sun of Corona in the center of a purple and white tie-dye pattern. 

A girl wearing in a purple t-shirt and jeans

Little Mermaid Tee

This The Little Mermaid striped tie-dye tee is dreamy with its various shades of blue and purple. It features our favorite mermaid — Ariel — front and center sitting inside of a clam shell. 

A colorful T-shirt inspired by The Little Mermaid

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Will you be snagging one of these Disney Princess Tie-Dye Tees while they’re on sale?

in Disney, Merchandise, Movies, Movies & TV

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