“The Voice Over is Just the Beginning”: Meghan Markle to Do More Work with Disney?

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Walt Disney Company Logo(Left), Prince Harry, Meghan Markle are posing for a picture (Right)

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry finally did it. They are free from Royal life. After booting the toxic in-law back across The Pond, Harry sat down with his family to figure out a solution where he and his Meghan could step down. But as the dust begins to settle from that debacle, we are beginning to learn more about the relationship Markel intends to make with Walt Disney Studios.

“Meghan said her work with Disney is far from over,” an insider told The Daily Mail. “The voice over is just the beginning and that there’s more collaborations to come.”

Right as the Sussex’s intention to step down from royal duties came to light, the world learned that Markel signed a voiceover contract with the Walt Disney Company. Without official Royal consent. On top of that two videos have surfaced showing Prince Harry, quite aggressively, pitching his wife’s talents to Disney CEO Bob Iger and Director Jon Favreau at the premiere of The Lion King. 

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Prince Harry Pressed Bob Iger about Meghan Markle’s Voiceover Work at Movie Premiere

While the job itself appeared to be dignified enough for a royal–offered in return for a donation to a wildlife charity called Elephants Without Borders–the contract signing alone is a major breach in protocol and a major blow of disrespect to the Queen and the royal institution. But then news emerged that Markle already recorded the voiceover. No take-backs. The damage was done.

There is no word yet on what other work she will take on, nor any confirmation that she will take on new work with Disney. It is glorified hearsay at this point. But, considering the clout she has, it would be in Disney’s interest to sign the actress closest to real-life royalty since Grace Kelly before another film studio beats them to it.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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The former royal couple now resides in a $14 million waterfront mansion on an Island off Vancouver, BC with their baby son, Archie.

What do you think about Meghan Markle doing more work with Walt Disney Studios? What kind of roles, if any, would you like to see her play? Let us know in the comments!

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