WATCH: Guy Hilariously Asks Disney Characters “Will You Accept This Churro?”

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Will you accept this Churro

Credit: Maxwell Glick

The famous line “Will you accept this rose?” has been made famous thanks to ABC’s hit reality show, The Bachelor, which has gone to include spin off reality series The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

Well now, an Instagram user has decided to put his own special spin on this famous line and test it out at Disneyland Park. Maxwell Glick (also know as Mr. Cheezy Pop) recently posted a video to his Instagram page and his YouTube page which included a compilation of him going around the Disney Parks, asking Disney characters “Will you accept this churro?” and the reactions are fantastic!

This has become a series that Maxwell has decided to take on, and it’s become so popular that he even sells “Will you accept this Churro?” merchandise, which you can check out here. 

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Will you accept this Churro
Credit: Maxwell Glick

“Will You Accept This Churro?”: Part One

The first character Maxwell asks in the video below (Part one) is Princess Ariel, in which they started on the topic of cinnamon sugar and then somehow ended up on the topic of eating sushi… Which you could imagine did NOT go over well with Ariel (remember, she’s from the ocean after all and her best friend is Flounder.)

Another Disney Princess that Maxwell runs into was the one and only, Snow White, which told Maxwell he should be the churro Prince! (He was thrilled when he heard this new title.)

You can watch part one of “Will you accept this churro?” below.

“Will You Accept This Churro?”: Part Two

And this year he decided to record a part two to this “Will you accept this churro” series, which was just as funny as the first!

In the video below, you’ll see Maxwell approach Disney characters such as a certain Star Wars character, Gaston, The Evil Queen, the Mad Hatter and Alice, and more. (The Evil Queen’s reaction is my favorite).

And you can watch the most recent video, Part two of “Will you accept this churro?” below.

To watch more of Maxwell Glick’s videos, head on over to his YouTube page or his Instagram page!

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Which of these character interactions was your favorite response to “Will you accept this churro?” Let us know in the comments.

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