Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: A Guide to Batuu With a Toddler

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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Credit: Matt Stroshane, photographer.

Venturing to the Outer Rim can be difficult under the best of circumstances. On Batuu, the crowds are thick, the lines are long, and the heat can be nearly unbearable (the planet does have three suns, after all). Add in a potentially cranky toddler and you may think you’re better off skipping Galaxy’s Edge altogether. 

Fortunately, there’s no reason to miss this incredible experience. You just need to do some legwork before your trip to the far reaches of the galaxy. Here, you’ll find an extensive guide and helpful tips that will make your day in Galaxy’s Edge with a toddler run smoothly for your whole travel party, younglings included. 

The restaurants.

Oga’s Cantina

Oga’s Cantina is the premier Galaxy’s Edge dining establishment at both Disneyland and Disney World. It’s worth noting that, while Oga’s is open to all ages, it has extremely limited booth seating. Most guests stand at the bar, which can be challenging with wiggly toddlers. 

If you make an advance dining reservation, it’s wise to stop by the restaurant as soon as it opens. Let a Cast Member know you will be dining with small children and would prefer a booth. The staff will generally do their best to accommodate your request at your allotted time, but you may have to wait for a few minutes after your scheduled reservation. 

Oga's Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
Credit: David Roark, photographer

You should be aware that strollers are not allowed in Oga’s Cantina because of the cramped quarters. If your toddler is still able to be worn in a carrier, it’s smart to take it. You’ll be able to navigate and enjoy your meal more easily. 

Oga’s offers primarily drinks (both alcoholic and kid-friendly non-alcoholic options), but does serve a limited menu of snack plates. If you think your toddler will need their own snacks, remember you can take food into all Disney parks. 

Docking Bay 7

Docking Bay 7 is a quick service restaurant, making it a good choice for families who don’t want to devote a lot of time to their meals. Themed like a hangar where Chef “Cookie” Tuggs has set-up his food truck to serve a constantly revolving array of ships, it has significantly more seating than Oga’s Cantina. This means you can take strollers, diaper bags, and other necessities in with you. 

A very limited kids’ menu, including plant-based Peku pasta and chicken served with macaroni & cheese, is available, but you may want to take your own snacks for picky eaters. Some older toddlers may be open to trying some of the adult food options, such as the Batuuan beef pot roast, at Docking Bay 7. This establishment is incredibly allergy friendly, with shellfish-free, gluten- and wheat-free, and meat-free options available. 

The Braised Shaak Roast, found at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo features beef pot roast with cavatelli pasta, kale and mushrooms. (David Roark/Disney Parks)

Both Oga’s Cantina and Docking Bay 7 offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. 

The food stands.

Kat Saka’s Kettle

Kat Saka’s Kettle offers “Outpost Mix,” a mix of sweet and savory popcorn. This is the perfect treat for kids, though it could be a choking hazard for very young toddlers. 

The Milk Stand

One of the immediate fan favorites at Galaxy’s Edge, the Milk Stand serves Tatooine blue milk and Ahch-To green milk. Both beverages are semi-frozen blends of coconut milk and rice milk. Blue milk has a blatant fruit flavor, while green milk has subtle citrus notes. Both are great options for the whole family. 

Galaxys Edge food
Credit: Disney – Blue Milk (foreground) and Green Milk (background) can be found in the Black Spire Outpost.

Ronto Roasters

Ronto wraps are another Galaxy’s Edge food option that were instant classics. Available at Ronto Roasters, the wraps feature roasted pork, grilled pork sausage, slaw, and peppercorn sauce on pita bread. Designed as an adult snack, a single Ronto wrap can easily feed two small children if you’re looking for an affordable on-the-go lunch or dinner option. 

The activities.

Savi’s Workshop

If you’ve long dreamed of building a light saber, Savi’s Workshop is the place for you. The recommended age for this activity is 5. The kyber crystal in the lightsaber is a potential choking hazard for babies and toddlers. 

Droid Depot

At the Black Spire Outpost’s Droid Depot, guests can construct either an R2 unit (similar to R2-D2) or a BB unit (similar to BB-8). The recommended age for this activity is 3. There are no very small parts and even toddlers can help construct a droid with parental assistance.

droid depot
Credit: TIME Magazine

Savi’s Workshop and the Droid Depot both strongly recommend advance reservations. Both activities allow two people per party (a builder and a guest), one of whom must be at least 14-years-old. Non-ticketed children under age 3 can be taken through with a party if they are worn in carriers. Strollers must be parked outside the Workshop and the Depot. 

The rides.

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

With a minimum height of 38 inches, many toddlers won’t be tall enough to go on Smuggler’s Run. In this case, depending on who is in your party, you will either have to leave a family member outside with your child, use Rider Switch, or skip the attraction. 

If your son or daughter meets the height requirement, there are a few things to consider before taking him or her on the ride. First is that the cockpit has six single-file seats, with an aisle between each set of three. This means you won’t be able to sit directly next to your preschooler during the ride. 

Smuggler’s Run is jerky and there are loud sounds and flashing lights, so if your little one gets scared easily, you might want to reconsider the ride until he or she is older. If you don’t think sitting alone on an intense ride will be an issue, make sure your child is assigned the “Gunner” position. The other two positions, “Pilot” and “Engineer,” both require skills that are beyond the grasp of most 3- or 4-year-olds. 

Extra, Extra Magic Hours
Credit: Disney

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Rise of the Resistance requires riders to be 40 inches tall, so the majority of toddlers will be precluded based on height. If, however, you have a tall 3-, 4-, or 5-year-old who wants to ride with you, there are a few things you should be aware of. 

First and foremost, you’ll have to secure a boarding group. If you manage that task, there are several parts of RotR you should prep your preschooler for. This is a trackless dark ride that features a motion simulator and sudden drops (similar to a single story in an elevator). You know best if any of those things are likely to alarm your child. 

Finally, certain aspects of Rise of the Resistance, such as the appearance of Kylo Ren and the much-touted Stormtrooper room, could be scary for small kids. Again, you know your son or daughter and how to best handle the ride. 

Rise of the Resistance Stormtroopers
Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM Reporter

Pro tips.

Reserve, reserve, reserve.

One of the perks of doing Galaxy’s Edge with kids is that nearly every dining experience and activity can be reserved ahead of time. Sticking to your child’s normal eating schedule can prevent a hangry meltdown by the Millenium Falcon, which is always a good thing, and knowing exactly when you need to be in the queue for a ride or to build a light saber or droid will reduce stress levels.

Droids > Lightsabers.

From the standpoint of visiting Batuu with a toddler, building a droid is better than making a lightsaber. While not exactly spacious, the Droid Depot does offer more room to move around than Savi’s Workshop. Furthermore, it is not as dark, which could be scary for some little ones. 

Manage expectations.

Couldn’t get a reservation at Oga’s? Toddler started screaming in line for Smuggler’s Run? Little one was terrified of Chewbacca? These things happen! The most important thing for you to remember as a parent at Galaxy’s Edge is that you’re there to have a good time. 

The 14-acre land is incredibly themed and offers all sorts of character interactions and things to see (keep your eyes peeled for R2-D2 making his way around Batuu!) Even if you don’t get to do everything you planned, you will be glad you took the time to experience Galaxy’s Edge with your toddler.  Like Yoda said, “Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is!”

Kids in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
Credit: Disney

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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge crowds
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