Here’s How Much Disneyland Tickets Could Cost In 2030, 2040 and 2055

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Disneyland Prices

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Just a few days ago, Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort increased their prices on tickets as well as MaxPass.

This price hike has brought a lot of concerns and aggravation with Disney fans, but this is only the year 2020. With constant price hikes, what will the prices look like in the future? How much will it cost you to get into the park for Disneyland Resort’s 100th anniversary in the year 2055?

Well, thanks to OC Register, we now have data analysis that has predicted what Disneyland Resort prices could look like if the prices continue to increase at this rate.

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In fact, OC Register states “Data analysis of historical ticket prices found that if Disneyland continues to raise prices at the rate it has for the past 20 years the cost of daily admission could increase nearly tenfold by 2055 when the Anaheim theme park celebrates its centennial.”

But, all magic comes at a price, right? One Disneyland official said in a statement, “A visit to our parks is the best value in entertainment bar none, and we offer flexible ticket choices to enable families to choose what’s best for them.” This statement is very true as Disney offers a tiered pricing system in order to encourage Disney guests to visit the theme parks on the slower days, saving more money on tickets. Ticket prices tend to be higher on busier days.

Since the year 2000, the Disneyland admission price on its busier days has more than tripled from $43 to $154, which is an annual average increase of 6.5%.

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What Could Disneyland Tickets Cost In The Future?

So with this constant price increase each year, what could Disneyland Park cost to guests come 2030, 2040, or 2055? Well, based on projections and past increases, here’s the answer.

The OC Register used Disneyland’s annual average price increase over the last 20 years and the results are:

Disneyland ticket prices could potentially reach $1,500 by 2055 for Disneyland’s 100th Anniversary.

Yes, you read that number correctly. In fact, a University of Central Florida economist, Sean Snaith, said: “If history repeats itself in terms of price increases, this is where we’re going.”

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But in terms of cost inflation in the near future, projections are showing a one-day, one-park Tier 5 ticket (not including park hopper) could cost $164 in 2021 and continuing to increase $10-$12 each year until 2025.

Come 2030, which is Disneyland Park’s 75th anniversary, tickets could be priced at just under $300. By the year 2040, Disneyland tickets could cost between $500 and $600 and once we reach the year 2050, guests may have to pay $1,000 to get into the park for their 95th anniversary.

The Good News?

UCF’s Snaith does not expect the price increase for Disneyland Park to continue this pattern through 2055. “Are they going to be able to, for the next 35 years, have demand grow at such a pace as it has historically to justify or allow them to raise those ticket prices?” asked Snaith, director of the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Economic Forecasting. “There’s no guarantee that that’s the case.”

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“They could set a ticket price, but ultimately the market determines what they’re going to be able to sell,” said Snaith. “At some point, the demand for tickets is going to take a hit because I don’t think incomes are going to continue to rise as rapidly as ticket prices have going forward.”

Lance Hart of Screamscape Predictions

Last year, a website called Lance Hart of Screamscape predicted that Disneyland Resort would raise their prices to $155 for the year 2020. They were only off by one dollar.

So what does Lance Hart of Screamscape predict for the coming years? Well, in a study published on Blooloop, the website predicts the one-day, one-park (not including park hopper) ticket could be a bit more than $200 in the year 2026.

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The Bottom Line?

Well, nobody can actually predict the future so we will have to wait and see how The Walt Disney Company handles its theme park admission prices in the future.

Regardless, Disney will always be our home.

What do you think of the Disney price increase predictions? Let us know in the comments.

Source: OC Register

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