Disney Dining Plans at Walt Disney World will now cost more

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Walt Disney World has quietly increased the prices across the board for all three options in their Disney Dining Plan. The plans themselves have not been altered.

The Quick Service Dining plan that includes two quick-service meals, one snack and a refillable mug now costs $44.13 for each guest over 10 years old per night and $19.04 for a child (3-9 years old). Previously the plan cost $42.84 for adults and $17.47 for children.

The Regular Dining plan includes one table-service meal, one quick-service meal, one snack and a refillable mug for $63.70 (adult) and $22.85 (children). Previously the plan cost $61.84 for adults and $20.96 for children.

The Deluxe Dining plan offers three meals of any combination of table-service and quick-service, two snacks and a refillable mug for $115.08 (adult) and $35.49 (children). Previously the plan cost $111.73 for adults and $32.56 for children.

The 3% price hike is effective immediately.



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    Bob Iger

    Give me all of your cash, suckers.

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    I’m just curious who actually does the dining plan? My wife and I priced out actually going to the places we enjoy eating at and every time it was cheaper to not do the dining plan. I mean I get the ease of here just scan my MagicBand I don’t care how much my meal was, but you can do the same thing if staying on property just charge to your room/card on file and save some money.

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      Last trip, I was curious, and got in on the promotional Dining-Included plan, just as an excuse to sample more of the park.
      Very nice, not as indulgent as it sounds–just enough–and definitely worth paying rack price for the hotel (as opposed to 25-30% off without Dining), but it’s not something I would have actively sought out even on the earlier prices.

      If you can get it as a free promo bonus, GET IT 🙂 , otherwise, trying to get too many table meals takes away from the adventure of finding hidden bargain delicacies at the counter services like Sleepy Hollow or Columbia Harbour House.

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    I have used the Dining Plan a couple of times. For free. That is the only reason to ever use it. Other than that, your are just lazy, or so rich you don’t care. It is NOT a value. I have no idea why it even exists, except to take advantage of suckers.

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    So, the WDW consumer continues to pay the price for the debacle and poor management of the Shanghai park? I get that the Parks division needs to offset the costs of what they have messed up financially in China, but seriously… it is hard to swallow that they are cutting entertainment, laying cast members off, closing down almost all of the attractions in an entire park (for good reason) BUT ALSO raising prices on everything? Bum deal.

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    There’s a new article in Disneyleaks that makes a shocking claim that Disney officials, with the help of Anaheim Police, have been wiretapping all its phones on guests to illegally gather confidential and personal information on its guests for very nefarious purposes since 2014.

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