Bob Iger Steps Down as CEO: Twitter Reacts

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Iger and Chapek

Source: Variety.

Following the shocking announcement that lovable Disney CEO Bob Iger will step down effective immediately, Twitter naturally had some strong opinions. People were particularly shocked at the suddenness of the announcement, though others were quick to point out that Iger has been talking about his retirement for quite a few years now.

Others were simply thrilled that his replacement Bob Chapek (former Chairman of Parks, Experiences, and Products) shared the same first name, leading to some meme-worthy content.

Bob Chapek, CEO of Walt Disney
Source: Disney.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Some users were optimistic about the appointment of Chapek as Iger’s replacement as Chief Executive Officer, citing his work with the theme parks as a positive.

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Others were sad to see Bob Iger go. He’s certainly a famous face, and he’s become synonymous with the Walt Disney Company. It’s pretty mad (and sad) that he won’t be around post-2021.

Of course, there were those who saw the meme value in the fact that Bob Iger shares the same first name with his replacement, Bob Chapek. I mean, I guess it is pretty funny?

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Some fans were quick to point out that this isn’t new news. Bob Iger has been talking about his retirement for quite some time, though we’d argue that the whole ‘effective immediately’ thing makes at least a little suspicious.

And of course, fans were quick to point to Iger’s multiple success stories during his tenure as CEO of the Walt Disney Company. There’s Pixar Animation Studios, the Fox deal, Lucasfilm (including Star Wars), and Marvel Studios (leading to the creation of the MCU). Oh, and that little streaming service thing that launched a while back.

However, this twitter user considered the Shanghai Disneyland Resort to be one of Iger’s crowning achievements:

What do you think about Bob Iger’s seemingly sudden departure from the position of Chief Executive Officer? Will you miss him as the Disney CEO, or is it time for a change? Whatever you think, comment below or tweet us at @InsidetheMagic. 

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