This Etsy Seller Creates Beautiful Handmade Star Wars Themed Tiffany Style Lamps

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Star Wars Tiffany Style Lamps

Credit: Etsy shop MasterGlasster/Etsy user Laurie Husak

Attention Star Wars fansYou have to check out this Etsy shop and take a look at these Star Wars Tiffany Style lamps.

Derek (also known as Dickie) is the owner of the shop MasterGlasster on Etsy. He creates beautiful handmade Tiffany style lamps as part of the Art Nouveau movement. (Fact: The first lamps of this style were created by Louis Comfort Tiffany in 1893 and became very popular.)

Dickie actually uses the same technique and hardware that Tiffany Studios uses to create his stained glass lamps, but he has a bit more fun with the styles. 

R2-D2 Tiffany Style Lamp

R2-D2 Lamp
Credit: Etsy User Laurie Husak

One of these stained glass lamps being themed off of the lovable R2-D2 from the Star Wars movie franchise. This light would make the perfect table lamp bringing light to the “dark side” of any room.

One Etsy user, Kyros Starr, even writing “Absolutely gorgeous! I cannot stress how beautiful this is. My partner loved it! MasterGlasster was a breeze to work with. Great communication and fast shipping.”

And what’s even better is these lamps can last a very long time, if taken care of properly. Dickie writing in his product description “This is a luxury item that will last for as long as it is taken care of; this could be passed to a great-grandchild as an heirloom if your geek genes travel that far!”
Unfortunately, the stained glass R2-D2 lamp is sold out at the moment, but there is another Star Wars lamp that caught our eye.

Star Wars Imperial Guard Stained Glass Lamp Shade

Imperial Guard
Credit: Etsy shop MasterGlasster

Do you want to embrace the dark side? Then check out this Imperial Guard lamp.

This is actually Dickie’s favorite helmet from the Star Wars universe so he just had to make it into a lamp. He hopes this is the first in a possible series of lamp helmets.

You can learn more about this Imperial Guard lamp on MasterGlasster’s Etsy shop here. 

Do you want one of these beautiful handmade Star Wars-themed lamps? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Etsy Shop @MasterGlasster

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