VIDEO: Adorable Little Girl Admires Kylo Ren and The Dark Side

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Kylo Ren Little Girl

Instagram User: @indiespeeder

A four-year-old girl, Indie Galvan, recently visited Disneyland with her family so she could meet her all-time favorite Star Wars character, Kylo Ren.

Indie is a huge fan of Star Wars, but more specifically, the Dark Side.

“Indie has been a fangirl since she was a baby,” her mom, Emily Galvan told Good Morning America. “She didn’t have a choice, we both [mom and dad] love Star Wars.”

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Little Girl Kylo Ren
Credit: Instagram User @indiespeeder

Indie loves Star Wars so much that her parents even build her strollers and wagons to look like different Star Wars ships, so she can feel as if she is flying around in them! The most recent stroller was built to look like the TIE Fighter, her mom shared.

“She loved Vader when she was a baby she’d call him papa Vader, always telling him she loved him,” Galvan said. “Then the Force Awakens came out and Kylo Ren became her favorite.”

And on their most recent Disneyland family trip, Indie got to meet her favorite Star Wars character when they visited Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

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Kylo Ren Little Girl
Instagram User: @indiespeeder

Her mom posted a video and pictures to their Instagram page, showing Indie with Kylo Ren and Stormtroopers, and having the time of her life. The video has been viewed more than a million times!

“We think Star Wars means a lot to people of all ages, and to see a little girl dressed up like Kylo Ren and excited to see him just makes you smile,” she said.

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You can watch the full video of Indie meeting Kylo Ren below.

On the family’s Instagram page, you’ll also see a variety of absolutely adorable photos of Indie with some of her favorite Star Wars characters, which are all guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Wookie kisses are the best:

Have you ever seen someone so happy to force choke?:

Indie showing Kylo the proper way to force choke:

I think it’s safe to say, little Indie wins at The Dark Side and using The Force. Way to go, Indie!

Do you have a favorite Star Wars character? Let us know who and why in the comments!

Source: Good Morning America

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