Video: Adorable girl dresses as Daisy Duck and meets her idol at Disneyland

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Credit: @disney_princess_emily

Get ready, Disney fans, because this is going to be the cutest moment you have ever seen!

Every parent dreams of taking their child to Disney and allowing them to dress as their favorite character. Whether that be a super hero, a Disney Princess, or in this case Daisy Duck.

One mother helped her daughter, Emily, DisneyBound as one of her favorite characters in hopes of maybe meeting Ms. Daisy Duck in person.Well, Emily’s dreams came true.

As they roamed around the park, Emily and her mother ended up running right into Daisy, and as we can all expect, she was ecstatic to see a mini-me.The two shared a quick dance and then walked around, hand in hand, waving to all the other guests as they strutted their stuff (in true Daisy sass fashion of course).


This isn’t the first time Emily has dressed up as a Disney character. She also surprised Daisy on a separate trip as she dressed up as Daisy’s love interest, Donald Duck.

Daisy welcomed Emily with open arms and gave her some special attention as they cuddled together on the streets of Disneyland. We think these two make the perfect pair of duckies, don’t you think?

Princess Emily has also been seen DisneyBounding as Goofy, Boo from “Monster’s Inc.,” Snow White, and has even dressed up as one of Disney’s very own cast members!

We have to admit, the interactions and attention that Disney characters give our little ones is absolutely priceless. This is part of what makes Disney stand out from the rest.

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Which DisneyBound of Emily’s is your favorite?

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