Disneyland Ticket Price Increasing in 2020?

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It’s officially 2020! New year, new magic… new higher ticket prices? It’s coming. We all know it. It happens every year.

Ticket price hikes are an inevitable part of economic growth. But if you follow Disney price increase trends, you are probably well aware that they don’t exactly follow normal inflation rates. Disneyland ticket prices rose up to 25 percent just from last year!

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Walt with Sleeping Beauty Caslte
Credit: Disney

Fans often speculate on the reasons. Blaming park updates and additions, like the brand-new land that opened this past year, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Others have noted the massive Fox acquisition that cost roughly $71.3 billion. Then there’s Disney+, crowd management, and the list goes on.

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Whatever the reason Disney chooses to raise their prices at the theme parks, there is no doubt an impending backlash occurs. But attendance proves contrary to the fuss. And fans continue to visit the happiest place on earth year after year.

Disney has yet to make any official statement of when these increases will happen. But if they follow last year’s pattern, they could be here as soon as January 6th. However, in years past, the price changes have happened in February.

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Currently, the one-day, one-park ticket to Disneyland costs $149 on peak days, $129 on regular-demand days and $104 on low-demand days. Experts are anticipating at least a 5% increase this year to account for inflation and the rising cost of employee wages, however, the increase could potentially be much higher.

Disneyland Ticket prices Jan 2020
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When planning, be sure to consider the time of year and days you are visiting. As you can see above, all these variables can and will affect the cost of your vacation.

We will be sharing any ticket price news as soon as we have confirmation so be sure to check back often! In the meantime, if you’re dreaming up a visit to the happiest place on earth but don’t know where to start, reach out to our friends at Academy Travel for a no-cost, no-obligation quote and make that 2020 visit your dream come true. And do it before those tickets go up so you can lock in the best rate possible!

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