Comments for Disneyland Ticket Price Increasing in 2020?


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    Disney is all about the long term. Guests will psychologically balk at paying $200+. In preparation, Disney needs to get the price up as high as practical now to offset not being able to cross that line later. If crowds of people still come while paying $150/ticket, $180 wouldn’t be much different but I would expect Disney to hold the price under $200 for years to come.
    That also aligns with coercing guests to invest in longer stays &/or APs. The relatively lower cost per day satiates the need for guests to feel like they’ve gotten a ‘bargain’.

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    With the increases made in the past, it has gone from a family-friendly place to bring your kids on a Sunday afternoon, to a exclusive resort vacation done once in a lifetime for many families. As this trend has not changed to allow those of us with limited incomes to enjoy the resort area, sadly a visit to the Disney resorts must be delayed indefinitely. To those who can afford these places, you are welcome to them. Please bring money, and leave it at the gate on your way out.

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