Artwork Shows Baby Yoda Annoying Other Disney Characters

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baby yoda annoying Disney Characters

Credit: Alex Pick

What’s better than Baby Yoda merchandise? Adorable Baby Yoda artwork, of course! We’ve shared Baby Yoda eating Disney Parks snacks, and our Inside the Magic readers seemed to go wild over those adorable illustrations. The character has even been turned into a meme, a plush toy, and a Mandalorian star (for obvious reasons). Well now, the adorable little child is back, and this time he’s here to annoy as many other Disney characters as he possibly can!

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Disney and Baby Yoda fan Alex Pick — a wildly talented artist from Germany — recently released a series of artwork featuring The Child himself hanging out with a variety of our favorite characters, from Cinderella and Rapunzel to Thor and Princess Tiana. As you know if you’ve been reading Inside the Magic for a while, we’re huge fans of all things Disney. So when we came across this artist’s work, we knew we had to share it!

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Take a look at each of the illustrations featuring Baby Yoda annoying other Disney characters!

Baby Yoda Annoying Ariel from The Little Mermaid

As you can see, Ariel isn’t too happy with Baby Yoda suddenly appearing in her fairy tale and distracting her Prince Eric.


baby yoda the little mermaid
Credit: Alex Pick
baby yoda ariel
Credit: Alex Pick

Baby Yoda and Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Ursula the sea witch, however, loves The Child just the way he is!

baby yoda ursula
Credit: Alex Pick

Baby Yoda and Cinderella Try On Shoes

The classic princess Cinderella just wants to try on her own glass slippers in peace…

baby yoda cinderella
Credit: Alex Pick

Baby Yoda Takes Over Painting for Rapunzel from Tangled

We all know that Rapunzel takes her artwork seriously, and The Child isn’t too helpful…

baby yoda rapunzel
Credit: Alex Pick

Baby Yoda Eats Prince Naveen from Princess and the Frog

Princess Tiana just wants one kiss from the Frog Prince, but Baby Yoda has other plans.

baby yoda tiana
Credit: Alex Pick

Baby Yoda Encourages Elsa to Let It Go

Need we say more?

baby yoda elsa
Credit: Alex Pick

Baby Yoda Could Always Lift Thor’s Hammer

God of Thunder who?

baby yoda thor
Credit: Alex Pick

Baby Yoda Takes Over The Lion King

It’s the circle of life, right Mufasa?

baby yoda the lion king
Credit: Alex Pick

Baby Yoda Feels at Home with the Little Green Men

We are eternally grateful!

baby yoda little green men
Credit: Alex Pick

Olaf Thinks Baby Yoda is the Cutest

And we do too!

baby yoda olaf
Credit: Alex Pick

Which of these works of art is your favorite, and who do you want to see Baby Yoda hang out with next? Let us know in the comments!

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