Phishing Websites Attempting to Target Disney+ Subscribers

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Disney + Hackers

Disney+ has been a massive success, launching with over 10+ Million subscribers and growing by the minute. With original breakaway hits, like The Mandalorian, and all the classics that were tucked away in the Disney Vault now released, Disney fans have been on a Disney+ binge since the service launched on November 12th.

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It’s no surprise that hackers and phishing scammers are trying to target such a huge pool of subscribers!

Earlier we reported how hackers were stealing information from Disney+  users to be sold on the dark web. It’s turned out many of those hacked accounts are a result of phishing scams in which users mistakenly assumed fictitious emails from Disney+ were real and therefore they accidentally gave out their personal details which in turn compromised their Disney+ accounts and more sensitive private information.

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So, What is a Phishing Scam?

A Phishing scam is basically a hacker’s attempt to steal your passwords and credit card details by using mass emails or copycats of major company websites. Scammers tend to target big companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and now Disney, to reach as many customers as possible.

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It’s easy to fall for these scams as these phishing websites work hard to mimic the real sites, using similar user interfaces and creating them to look almost identical to the real company sites they are targetting.

How to Identify a Phishing Scam email or Website

The easiest way to identify these scams is by looking at the web address they are using. If they send you an email, look at the “from” information. It will have a similar site address, but they will have distinct differences from the real company sites, and the email address tends to be much longer.

Likewise, a web address will have something “fishy” in the address bar that can help you identify it as a scam. Look for added letters and numbers that don’t make sense. Another giveaway is misspellings and bad grammar which is relatively more common from non-native English speaking hackers targeting US consumers.

The Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Information website has some great additional information to help you identify these tricky scams. 

Always use Discretion Online

Make sure to never click on links from emails that look a little odd. Check the “from” address and mark as spam and report it immediately.

We hope this helps keep your Disney+ account safe! Always use caution when giving your personal information and payment details online.

Was your account affected when the first phishing scam occurred to Disney+ subscribers? Let us know in the comments if you have any tips we can share with our readers to fix the issue and prevent it from happening to them! 

Source: The West News

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