Disney+ Users Getting Hacked, Login Information Sold Online

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Disney + Hackers

We recently reported that Disney was being lenient with password sharing on its new streaming platform Disney+. But does that mean their security is not as tight when it comes to potential breaches of your personal information?

Disney+ users reporting their accounts are showing unauthorized user profiles

We just learned that some Disney+ users are reporting on Social Media that their accounts are showing unauthorized user profiles. These users are sharing that when they have logged into their accounts, they are seeing strange names and additional profiles that have been created and added to their account.

According to CordCutterNews, this could be the result of spam email messages tricking users to provide their login info, allowing hackers to sell this information. They also mention another popular hacking trick, using username and passwords stolen from other sites and trying them on different streaming services to see if they also work. Those then get put up for sale for a much cheaper price than what legitimate users pay.

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This isn’t an uncommon problem. If you were to search eBay, you could find multiple listings for shared Hulu accounts. Thankfully, Hulu makes it easier to monitor this fishy activity. Hulu’s settings allow you to see which devices are connected to the account and remove any that look suspicious, through their Manage Your Account section.

Is Disney+ set up to handle these security breaches?

Unfortunately, Disney+ isn’t set up for this vigilance. There is a 10-device limit for each account on Disney+ with no way to extend the limit or remove old devices. To further the problem, if a hacker is in your account already, there is no way for you to remove them.

Disney Plus Help Screenshot

The Disney+ Help section does offer multiple links and FAQ’s to assist users with the most common platform issues. But if you notice any unusual activity, you will likely be best served by contacting Disney+ customer support.

You can reach them by calling them directly at 888-905-7888, or via email at DisneyPlusHelp@disney.com. Disney+ customer support is also available online through live chat or through social media via their help center.

How to best guard your information

It’s always best to use unique passwords and login information for each individual subscription you use. Keep in mind, if your information has been compromised and sold, these hackers can try to log in to other streaming services you may subscribe to. So, be sure to change and update any old log in info if you have in fact been compromised.

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We hope your Disney+ account is still safe as you enjoy all the magical content they released when the streaming platform went live earlier this week!

Have you seen any unusual activity in your account? Let us know in the comments!


Source: Cord Cutters News

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