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Disney + Hackers


  1. My account got hacked with 6 hours of me signing up. Somehow they changed my password so when I went to log in it said my password was incorrect. It took a total of being on hold 10 hours over 4 phone calls to finally speak to someone at midnight to get the issue addressed. I was disappointed to see Disney did not have a stronger security set up. Hopefully it will not happen again.

  2. Michelle D

    Disney OWNS Hulu (that’s why the bundle offer with Hulu and ESPN+ exists). They have the technology, theny have the information, why are they not fixing the issue?

  3. Kethry

    I didn’t get hacked, but I DID get an email trying to trick me into providing my password. I’m used to getting those, and they’re normally easily recognizable, but this one is GOOD. Looks legitimate. I can certainly believe a lot of people were fooled.

  4. Christy

    Mine was hacked as soon as I signed on the first time I got 10 emails asking for a passcode and then there was an unusual log in name !! I changed my password and deleted the odd account I haven’t gotten any more emails I guess I need to call

  5. Melanie Durham

    That’s really disappointing! I sure hope they will put the security features in now that this has happened!

  6. Lesia

    My account has been hacked 3 days in a row since I subscribed. I have come home to log in and found multiple unauthorized profiles created on my account. They have been deleted, however, there is no means of logging out of the devices used to create those profiles. Disney is a HUGE company. With all of the security options out there, is this what they think of customer account security?? They can do better. If this continues, I will discontinue my subscription.

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