Disney+ is getting a million new subscribers every single day

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Two weeks ago when Disney+ first launched, many skeptics wondered if the new streaming service from the House of Mouse would be phenomenal or just a flop as glitches plagued the service and its users from the moment the new service became available.

But those glitches are little more than a long-gone memory now. The all-new Disney streaming service attracted record numbers of subscribers before it even launched—boasting as many as 2 million fans before streaming began, and two days into its launch, boasting around 10 million subscribers to the service.

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Today we learned that Disney+ has clenched yet another boast-worthy achievement: the Disney streaming platform is averaging approximately one million new subscribers every day. Yes, one million new subscribers each day! That’s according to research firm Apptopia, which also found that Disney+ has been downloaded 15.5 million times since its launch on November 12.

Apptopia’s data further shows that not only are people downloading Disney+, but more people are paying for the service than just taking advantage of a free trial.

In the first 13 days since the launch of Disney+, the new streaming platform has seen $5 million in in-app purchases.

“This shows the company is gonna be a legit competitor to the likes of Netflix,” said Wedbush analyst Dan Ives during a recent interview. He says that this is despite what skeptics have said about Disney’s new streaming platform.

“The pricing, the content, and the bundling was just a pure genius strategy from [Bob] Iger and Disney,” Ives said.

Disney+ has exceeded expectations—even those set forth by business analysts and commentators. Currently, Netflix still leads with over 60 million paid subscribers in the United States and 97 million globally, but some believe that Disney+ could one day take the number one spot in the streaming wars.

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Disney’s new streaming service is certainly on its way with almost 26 million daily viewing sessions over just the past week, according to even more data compiled by Apptopia.

Where do you fit into those 26 million sessions? How are you spending your streaming sessions on Disney+ and do you think the new service will one day outdo Netflix? Let us know in the comments section below.

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