Rumor: Disney might make a live-action “Frozen” film. Should they?

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"Frozen" the Broadway musical, North American tour

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Another rumor has emerged from the internet of fans. Disney is reportedly working on a live-action Frozen film. This is supposedly not a remake or a sequel. Instead, Disney will produce a movie that stays true to the original story: The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. There is no confirmation on this matter, so we’ll break down what could happen and whether or not Disney should continue the life-action remake trend.

"The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen

For the Frozen fans who don’t already know, The Snow Queen is a story about two heroes, Kai and Gerda, battling the evil Snow Queen. Long story short, Kai is brought under the evil queen’s power and becomes her prisoner. It is up to Gerda to save him. Disney obviously altered the story to mold bewitched Kai and the evil Snow Queen into misunderstood Elsa. The conflict becomes an inner one in which Anna still comes to the rescue as the loyal Gerda.

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It’s safe to say that this live-action film would be a lot darker than the animated ones. Andersen’s original story includes a menacing demon whose enchanted mirror breaks and sends shards into people’s eyes. Those with the glass in their eyes become infected, seeing only evil and responding to everything as such.

Why would Disney do this?

Frozen 2
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There are two possible reasons why Disney would take their most successful franchise ever and make a dark live-action film:

1. To beat the other studios to the punch

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Other studios have taken the route of disillusionment by remaking iconically-Disney films to tell the “real story.” The most recent examples being Netflix’s take on The Jungle Book and Warner Bros.’ The Legend of Tarzan. Moviegoers can also see the “disillusionment” angle at work in the angsty, dark, and dirty DCEU compared to the clean, bright, and friendly MCU.

By jumping the gun and making a Snow Queen movie, other studios won’t have an original angle to play off that story. Plus, Disney can delegate this film to 20th Century Fox to allow darker, not-quite-Disney attributes.

2. To continue capitalizing on this franchise.

into the unknown
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Both Frozen films have each earned over $1 billion. It is the most successful animated franchise Disney has ever created. A live-action film inspired by the adventures of Anna and Elsa would be able to ride the wave of success and extend to other markets who don’t want to see some animated kid’s movie.

Disney could also do a reverse Maleficent with this franchise. Instead of taking an evil animated character and showing her good in a live-action film, they will take a good animated character and show her evil in live-action.

maleficent mistress of evil
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Yeah, but should they?

Should Disney make this live-action film? Or should they just focus on Frozen 3 and leave the franchise as it is? Fans are already sick of the studio, taking beloved animated films and creating live-action remakes that fall short. But, again, this is only a rumor.

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What do you think? Should Disney make a darker, live-action Frozen film, or leave the franchise as is? Let us know in the comments!


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