Comments for Rumor: Disney might make a live-action “Frozen” film. Should they?

"Frozen" the Broadway musical, North American tour

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Not unless they right the wrongs of the others and keep it like the musical or film the musical! The musical is better than the movie! And the photo you have attached to this article is the reason the musical fans will fight the same is the love of that song and thats monster! Otherwise please do not ruin another movie and turn it live you want to see it live see a broadway show!

    1. Jackie

      I read a report that sumacher whose in charge of Broadway division said this is hurting them too bc the fans are going in w intention maybe the musical wont be forgotten snd it is! Also if theres a live version why do we need the show? I agree monster is so much better than let it go! It is sad though they let go of true love for a duet that makes more sense to be seen in frozen 2 then the tour of the musical.

  2. Steve P

    Yes but only if they put the Moana actress to play Elsa so they can be politically correct.

  3. AsciiDad

    Sure, one condition – Equityben and Lisa have to be in it.

  4. GregR

    Gawd no. They can only squeeze so much blood from a turnip and so many dollars from people’s wallets. Like the other “live action” movies. The animated feature is way better.

    1. Mark

      You never seen the musical have you?? You would take back the animated feature of frozen esp is better!

  5. Veronica Mian

    Yessssssss! Of course….i would love that! Pleaseeeeeee! ????

  6. Yes I think it would be pretty interested they should do it

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