Marvel fan crafts Mark V Iron Man suit out of cardboard

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel fans are famous for their creativity. They each show their love for the comic books and the cinematic universe in such unique and ingenious ways, like building an entire replica of the Mark V Iron Man suit out of cardboard.

After several months of work, cosplayer KRYRO Creations completed his custom screen-accurate Mark V Iron Man suit. The Mark V debuted in Iron Man 2  and is still an arguable favorite out of the 80+ Iron Man suits Tony Stark has constructed in the MCU.

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? THE BIG REVEAL ? #ironman #mk5 #cardboard _________________________________________________ Just want to say a massive thank you to all of you who have followed this cardboard build ❤❤. Your exceptionally kind words and support have kept me going and allowed me to complete this beautiful suit though work constantly got in the way, we finally made it! I'm so happy with how this turned out and so happy I decided it was time to build my favourite suit from the whole of the MCU. Did it get a criminally short amount of screentime… yes ☹, am I ecstatic to join the few people that have made a Mark 5…. yes ?, Do I keep finding reasons to walk past it in my hallway… yes ? I shall leave this here with you and apologize for the upcoming weeks where I will just be posting more pictures of this completed cardboard suit ? ________________________________________________ #mark5 #marvelstudios #marvel #disney #cosplay #ironmancosplay #cosplayers #instacosplay #cosplaygirl #endgame #marvelcosplay #handmade #throwbackthursday #suitcasesuit #propmaker #3dprinting #ironmansuit #pepakura #avengers #kryro #superhero #comiccon #sunday #suitcasesuit #cardboardart #propmaking #mcu

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Through his Instagram page, @kryrocreations, KRYRO kept his followers updated as he carved each piece of cardboard. After posting a picture of himself suited up, the Reddit picked it up and took it viral. This suit is bound to make several Iron Man/Tony Stark fans amazed, inspired, and outright jealous.

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Iron Man 2 movie poster
Credit: Marvel Studios

Since cosplay has gone mainstream, the internet has had a surplus of quality content to show off. While this will probably never be worn to an actual Comicon, this suit is definitely worth bragging about and a solid collector’s item to boast with every other piece of Marvel memorabilia.

The Mark V Iron Man Suit
Credit: Giphy

Iron Man 2 comes before The Avengers and begins to introduce the idea of bringing together Earth’s Mightiest Heros. The movie introduced Marvel fans to Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, and Black WidowThe Mark V was brought into action in Monaco. When the antagonist Vanko made his debut slashing through Formula 1 race cars, the Stark stepped. The suit was compacted to the size of a briefcase, and it expanded around his body in an unforgettable sequence. This fight scene was the only time we saw the Mark V, but its entrance and its style have definitely earned favoritism from several Marvel/Iron Man Fans.

What do you think of this cardboard cosplay? Which Iron Man Suit is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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