College Football Team Evacuated Off a Broken-Down Disneyland Ride

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The covered hill behind the loop is where some of the Oregon Ducks got stuck.

Credit: Disney

The Oregon Ducks football team got stuck on the Incredicoaster while spending a ceremonious day at the Disneyland Resort this week. It was their first ride of the day.

Some of the team got stuck at the launch point, where most people would expect to get stuck on a rollercoaster. But, other members of the team got stuck in the middle. Videos and pictures from Instagram stories show Oregon Ducks trapped in one of the tubed inclines.

Here’s the video from Oregon Linebacker Ge’mon Eaford:

Other players also got in on the fun:

Football team stuck at Disneyland
Credit: Juwan Johnson via IG: @juju_84
Football team stuck at Disneyland
Credit: Nick Pickett via IG: @nolimitnicc

Judging by The Incredibles characters seen on the roof, they appear to be stuck on the hill just behind and before the big loop.

But none of the players were in any immediate danger. Safety locks kept the coaster train in place, and Cast Members helped the players evacuate. It is still unclear what caused the Incredicoaster to malfunction and how long the malfunction lasted. But sufficed to say, it was a memorable start to the trip.

The Incredicoaster is one of the most iconic attractions at Disney California Adventure Park and one of the main attractions of the Pixar Pier area.

This is not the first time…

This is not the first story we’ve heard about guests getting stuck on a ride at a Disney park, and if you’ve gone to Disney Parks enough, you probably have your own story to tell.

While Disney Parks provide guests with world-class attractions, everything’s going to have a bad day once in a while. Especially, when these attractions cater to tens of thousands of people a day.

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Do you have a story about the time you got stuck on a Disney ride? Let us know in the comments!


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