Fan Builds Elegant Dress from Discarded Disney Shopping Bags

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Disney Parks Bag Dress

Disney fans are no strangers to cosplay, costumes, or fan-based art. D23 is regularly a source of incredible homemade cosplay, and twice a year on each coast, you can find Dapper Day creations dotting the landscape. Even Halloween in your hometown can bring about some of the most elaborate and festive creations like these Speeder Bikes for Trick-or-Treating. But one teen’s fancy to create a Cinderella-style dress from discarded Disney shopping bags is an eye-catching marvel.

Recycled bags from Disney Dress
Credit: Sierra Woods & Signe Kind

Artist Sierra Woods of Sullivan, Wisconsin created this one of a kind ballgown for her Intro to Art Metals and Fibers class. Nimbly working for a total of 8 hours and 15 minutes, Sierra completed the gown with the help of a class partner, Signe Kind (who also posed as her photographer on an iPhone 11), and calls her creation, “Disney Princess.”

Disney Shopping Bag Dress, spread on a stage
Credit: Sierra Woods & Signe Kind

Disney Shopping Bags Dress Construction

The dress is constructed from blue duct tape, faux flowers and more than 20 Disney shopping bags. The bags were sourced from her boyfriend’s Aunt, Jennifer Gens, who has a connection to the Parks and was able to collect the bags. The bodice is handmade from blue duct tape with blue and white fluffy flowers attached to the neckline, reminiscent of the live-action Cinderella ball gown.

Dress made from recycled bags, bodice flowers close up
Credit: Sierra Woods & Signe Kind

The skirt, however, is made completely of Disney bags in a floor-length pattern suited to Sierra’s height. The 20-bag skirt fans out in a gored shape, mirroring the castle above and below the “baseline” of the bags. Accessorizing Sierra’s hair is a handmade flower crown that completed her project.

eagle eye view of hair braid
Credit: Sierra Woods & Signe Kind

Sierra’s Disney Dress Shop

What will Sierra create next? She tells Inside The Magic that she plans on wearing the dress made from Disney shopping bags to prom in Spring 2020. With all the attention the dress has been getting, she plans on creating a few more designs from various textiles or items. We can’t wait to see what she stitches up next!

Disney Dress made from trash
Credit: Sierra Woods & Signe Kind
Disney dress Designer Sierra Woods
Credit: Sierra Woods & Signe Kind

Where would you wear this amazing creation? Leave us a comment below!

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