VIDEO – “Star Wars” fans built amazing working Speeder Bike costumes from “Return of the Jedi” for Halloween

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On Halloween night, one of the more popular franchises represented in costume form tends to be “Star Wars.” But how many Star Wars fans have created their own working vehicles from the movie series to show off their costuming chops?

This week popular YouTuber Jesse teamed up with some very talented friends to build two incredibly authentic-looking Imperial Speeder Bikes from the Endor sequences in “Return of the Jedi.” Once the convincingly-levitating high-speed bikes were complete, the gang took to the streets of New York City to show off their creations. Naturally, they got some fantastic responses from onlookers.


To find out how Jesse partnered with the skilled motorcycle enthusiasts at Super 73 to build the Speeder Bikes, watch the behind-the-scenes video below.


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