Nutty Christmas Chip and Dale nutcrackers resurface at Disney Parks

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Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM

Have you ever missed out on a piece of merchandise and it just hurt your heart? Maybe you even held it in your hands, set it back on the shelf and mourned it’s loss when you got home?  The list of “man, I wish I had bought that!” is endless for us, especially for holiday decor. Our correspondents were hopping around Disney’s Hollywood Studios when these Chip and Dale nutcrackers caught their eyes. These nutty buddies haven’t been seen to our knowledge since 2017, and we’re so happy they are back!

Chip and Dale Nutcrackers

Unlike the more traditional Disney nutcrackers (themed after Mickey and Minnie, which you can see below), these guys are more statuesque, evoking their classic animation styles. Standing upon platforms with their signatures engraved, Chip and Dale hold acorns and wear fabric scarves that can be gently restyled to your preferences.

Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM 

Dale got a little greedy with his triple selection, but he’s so adorable we’ll forgive him. The nutcracker levers actually operate their tiny chins, which is both charming and fun to play with.

Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM

You can find these Nutcrackers In-Store Only for the time being, with the price point of $54.99. You can find which stores they are currently located at within the My Disney Experience App in the SHOP MERCHANDISE button. If you have an Annual Pass, be sure to present it at the register for your 20% off discount! That really adds up with higher-end merchandise across the Disney Parks.

nutcracker prices for Disney 2019
Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM
Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM

Perfect for Traveling Home

These nutcrackers come boxed up and ready to slip into your suitcase. You don’t have to fear that your chipmunk pal’s ears might get clipped or the nutcracker lever in the back will get jammed. Of course, if you didn’t plan for any suitcase room to bring the buddies home with you, remember that you can ship them home for an amazingly low price with Home Delivery available when you check out. Simply mention it to the cashier and you’ll be able to ship your items home for FAR LESS than if you took them to the UPS store yourself. It’s worth the extra cash!

Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM 

Looking for something more?

If Nutcrackers are your Christmas jam, then perhaps you’ll also want to peek at this year’s Mickey and Minnie Nutcrackers. These more traditionally styled characters have faux fur linings, bright holiday colors and contrasting pattern accessories. The nutcracker levers open into their chests as opposed to Chip and Dale whose mouths move, but it’s cute! Punny holiday sayings are listed on the platforms: “Yule Be Merry” for Mickey and “Yule Love This Holiday” for Minnie. They are currently available as In-Store Only.

Mickey traditional Nutcracker
Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM
Minnie traditional nutcracker
Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM

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What do you think of these adorable nutcrackers? Let us know in the comments!

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