Bride Takes to Social Media to Ask for Money for Disney Dream Wedding

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Weddings can cost a pretty penny. And we all know a dream vacation to the most magical place on earth can be expensive too. Put those two things together, and you can imagine the potential price tag followed by massive sticker shock!

Although wedding etiquette has evolved with time, and old traditions have gone to the wayside with new traditions making way, there is still a sense of common courtesy that is not lost in this generation. Some modern brides have gotten creative with their registries, sometimes adding an option to have guests help fund the honeymoon, among other unique requests that don’t necessarily give guests much pause. However, this bride seems to have hit a nerve with her not-so-modest request for her dream disney wedding.

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An unnamed Bride set up a page to ask for $35,000 for her dream wedding at the Walt Disney World Resort. In the about section of the page, she explained why it was “impossible to save” after listing multiple reasons. Her explanation included having bills, children, and medical expenses.

Social Media post asking for money for Disney Dream wedding

The bride shared: “We just don’t have enough money saved up its close to impossible it seems like to save back money when you have children.” She added: “7 to be exact”.

It appears she also wants to be featured in Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings. She even tried reaching out to Disney to see if she could make that happen.

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“We did reach out to them to see how we can possibly get in there and have ours even filmed for the show. Were waiting to hear back.”

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The post continues with a plea to help get the bride’s grandmother to the big event, listing the needs she would have to make this happen. The bride requests funds for her grandmother’s nurse to be there with her, as well as hotel stay, food, transportation, gas money, etc.. for her guests.

Needless to say, this didn’t bode well with the platform users. The responses were an entertaining bag of backlash with comments like:

“Let’s throw in all of the sob stories and see what sticks. 7 kids, fiancé had a heart attack, sick grandmother. Anyone? Anyone?”

Another posted a funny gif with the quote: “help me, I’m poor”, while others added: “Seriously??? No.”

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It’s not hard to understand why the response was mostly, if not entirely, negative for this page.

What are your thoughts about this bride’s wedding fund request? Would you be inclined to make her dream come true or do you agree with the comments people posted in response to her request? Let us know in the comments!

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