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  1. Barbara

    You can get married in the balloon in Disney Springs for less than $3000 and that includes 26 guests, the photographer and the pics!!!

  2. CindyB

    I would beg for medical expenses, life events such as funeral expenses, even help with college tuition, but not for a glam wedding. I’m a disney fan, and I get the fantasy. I was at the MK opening day and have been hooked ever since. I couldnt afford a glam wedding, so I had to suck it up and have a $300 barbecue at the Club House where my husband golfed.
    I could never have asked for money for a “better” wedding. But to ask for thousands of dollars for this is a bit over the top, and IMO, inappropriate. Personally, I could never do it, if I couldnt afford it MYSELF. Good Luck and Congratulations!

  3. Nancy Lewis

    You,ve got to be kidding! How selfish and rude! Wouldn,t we all like that. Live within your means, if you can,t afford it you don,t do it. Ridiculous and inappropriate to ask people to fund your dream!

  4. Erica Chambers

    Ok I understand that you want this I truly do but hey I am not asking for money online. I COULDN’T do it the first time we got married. So this June were renewing our 20 th wedding vows . A small trip no I can’t have all the ones I love , I’ve even had a sister that passed whom was going to be in it. But you have to think of you can’t afford to go then don’t. Wait a bit there a so many ways to save up. Look it’s taken me 20yrs to get my wedding Disney dream.

  5. Yay me

    Me too. I’d like a Disney Wedding. And a Disney House. And a starring roll on my own Disney+ show. I am devoid of talent and money so I’m asking the rest of humanity to forego their own needs to chip in towards my dream. Thanks 😀

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