Secret menu item returns for the holidays: Gingerbread Beignets!

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Gingerbread Beignets

Credit: Bailee Abell/ITM/Instagram user @takemetothecastle

One of Walt Disney World’s most popular snacks is the adorable (and delicious) Mickey Beignet, which can be found over at Port Orleans French Quarter.

Throughout the entire year, Disney guests can try the classic Mickey Beignet, which is beautiful golden-fried dough topped with a ton of delicious powdered sugar. But during certain times of the year, Port Orleans French Quarter has some fun with these classic Disney treats and debuted unique flavors.

During the fall season, Disney guests can try Pumpkin Spice Beignets, but during the holidays, Port Orleans French Quarter has a secret menu item that you just have to try!

MIckey Beignets
Credit: Instagram user @takemetothecastle

Yes, that’s right — The Gingerbread Mickey Beignet has officially made its return to the secret menu this holiday season over at Scat Cat’s Club, and boy are they a “must-try” item.

Since they are not listed on the actual menu, if you want to get your hands on these Gingerbread Mickey Beignets, then you’ll have to ask a Cast Member specifically for them.

So what exactly do these Gingerbread Mickey Beignets consists of? Well, they are still pillows of golden-fried dough, but they are dusted with powdered sugar, pumpkin spice, and ginger!

Mickey Beignets
Credit: Disney

The Gingerbread Mickey Beignets cost $4.99 at Scat Cat’s Club’s, which is the same price as the regular the Mickey Beignets!

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Are you a fan of Mickey Beignets? Do you want to try this Gingerbread secret menu item? Let us know in the comments.

in Food, Merchandise, Walt Disney World

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