Some people are worth melting for!

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Frozen newborns

The most anticipated sequel of the year, Frozen 2, opens today and these newborns are ready for the red-carpet premiere!

Three precious newborns at Saint Luke’s South Hospital in Overland Park, Kansas were welcomed into this world all warm and snuggly in crocheted outfits inspired by our favorite characters from Frozen.

Baby Anna, Baby Elsa, and Baby Olaf

Baby Anna and Baby Elsa are ready to journey into the unknown in their head-to-toe crocheted onesies. The beanies even have crocheted braids to match the character’s looks. And look at baby Anna’s booties! Our hearts are officially melted.

Anna newborn
Credit: St. Luke’s Hospital
Frozen Elsa Newborn
Credit: St. Luke’s Hospital

Baby Olaf is just as sweet! By the looks of it, he’s dreaming of a warm summer holiday as he’s swaddled in the sweetest outfit inspired by our favorite snowman. I’d say this little one is definitely worth melting for!

Olaf Newborn
Credit: St. Luke’s Hospital

We just want to give these sweet nuggets all the warm hugs!

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Need even more baby cuteness in your life? Check out these precious little ones a U.K. photographer captured in a heart-warming series of kids with Down syndrome. The “Down with Disney” series celebrates these perfect little ones with special needs as their favorite Disney characters.

down with disney photos
Credit: Nicole Louise Photography

Frozen Fever

We’ve had Frozen fever for a while now and these babies just reignited the flame! Are you ready for the sequel with all the Frozen 2 details? If you want to know more before you check out the film, we’ve got you covered.

Check out this spoiler-free movie review to learn more before you go here!

Don’t forget to prep by listening to the Frozen 2 Soundtrack, now available to stream on your favorite music streaming service. We think we found the new “Let it go” and it’s already playing on repeat in our house!

Frozen 2 is out in theaters this weekend. Are you planning on heading to the theater to see it on the big screen? We can’t wait to enjoy it ourselves! Let us know your Frozen 2 plans in the comments.


Source: Fox4KC

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