Is Avatar a Basketball Movie? Disney+ Seems to Think So!

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Avatar Basketball Scene

Credit: Disney

Are you among the 10+ Million subscribers enjoying the newly launched Disney+ streaming service? Chances are, you’ve been sucked into some serious binge-watching since the release of Disney’s newest endeavor; this time on the streaming platform world.

Where to start with Disney+

Disney+ launched with hundreds of classic, new, and original titles and it’s almost impossible to decide on where to start.

Should you tackle all the magical titles that were in the vault for many years first? Titles like the original Freaky Friday or Bedknobs and Broomsticks got us really excited! What about childhood favorites like the cult-classic Gargoyles, or the ever-adorable Lizzie McGuire?

Lizzie McGuire and Gargoyles
Credit: Disney

Well, if your starting point was browsing for titles in the search feature, your results might have been, shall we say, interesting…

Avatar is a Basketball Movie?

Viewers are reporting that while searching for say Basketball movies, on the top of the list you’ll find titles like Avatar. Now, if you’ve seen Avatar, you probably wouldn’t categorize it as a basketball movie. However, there is a quick clip during the movie that shows a leisurely basketball game among avatars happening in the background.

Among the results, you can also find Black Panther, The Absent-Minded Professor, Zapped, and Flubber. It seems the tie-in on all these search results is the presence of a basketball game at some point during each of these movies. However, we wouldn’t consider any of these titles actual Basketball movies.

Disney + Basketball Search
Credit: Disney+

Could it be that Disney+ search feature is too smart for what the app needs it to be?
While we’re not sure what Disney+’s algorithm is identifying to pull up these quirky search results, it sure is curious these titles popped up just from merely having a basketball game at some point during each of these movies.

Have you searched specific content on Disney+ only to have odd results like these? Let us know in the comments what you’ve pulled up on Disney+. We’d love to hear what gems you’ve discovered with this quirky search feature on streaming platform folks can’t stop talking about!


Source: Polygon

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