These ARE the droids you’re looking for (this Halloween!)

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How do Star Wars fans celebrate spooky season? With brand new Halloween-inspired droids of course!

The latest series of droid figures to come to Disney Parks is a fun seasonal take on your standard astromech. Designed with ghostly color schemes with shades of black, orange, green, and purple, the new series that’s just arrived  a Droid Depot near your favorite Disney theme park is not to be missed this Halloween season.

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For the past couple of years, the Disney Parks have been bringing Star Wars characters to the merchandise scene with items geared to specific holidays and special events. The Halloween series of Droids is just one such example, and we’ve been obsessed since the launch of R2-B00 (get it?) in 2016.

The minds behind the Star Wars merchandise designs are well aware of fans’ desire to incorporate one of their favorite fandoms into different seasonal celebrations, so it is no surprise that any and all Star Wars Halloween merchandise has been met with resounding approval.

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While the Droid Factory has been a staple experience for Star Wars fans visiting Disney theme parks for some time now, the first seasonal droid debuted in 2015 with the addition of Christmas and New Year’s themed droids. All of this, combined with our collective love for the Star Wars universe has led to what is arguably some of the best Disney parks merchandise we’ve seen in years.

To date, “the force” has turned out some of our favorite ways to add some Halloween flair to merchandise that’s enticing for both younger and adult Star Wars fans alike. So far we’ve seen four astromechs that offer Star Wars Halloween fun right from the theme parks: The original R2-B00, the R3-B0017 (from the 2017 collection), the R4-B0018 (from the 2018 collection, which even comes with a trick-or-treat inspired accessory), and this year’s R5-B0019 with a sleek black-and-white design that reminds us of a classic spooky skeleton costume.

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As with the rest of the astromech droids available in the theme parks, you also have the opportunity to mix and match the different pieces to create just the droid you’re looking to buy. Whether you’re looking to embrace the dark side or find inspiration in other characters from the Star Wars universe, creating your own droid can easily become the ultimate way to shop on your fall Disney trip.

Like the seasonal droids that have come before the latest astromechs, these offerings are available in the theme parks for a limited time. This year’s model comes with awesome features like a glow-in-the-dark design that is just too fun, so be sure to pick these up while you can. The Star Wars Halloween droids are available at both domestic Disney theme parks at Tatooine Traders at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Star Wars Galactic Outpost at Disney Springs, Star Traders at Disneyland, and other select locations around the parks and resorts. If you’re already thinking you may be attached to these droids though, we recommend picking them up asap as they are only available through the end of October.

R2-B00. Credit:

If you’re on the lookout for some traditional droids (or are looking to mix and match at the Droid Depot) don’t forget that you can find classic astromechs like R2-D2, BB-8, and Chopper all year long. Many of the locations that stock Droid Depot products also offer merchandise of Star Wars characters, so whether you are hoping to go home with a Jedi robe or a Death Star-inspired accessories, Disney parks will have just the shop!

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What do you think of the latest Halloween droid? Do you already have a collection of Star Wars merchandise going? Leave us a comment below!


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