People are actually paying $25,000 for a droid at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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Credit: Disney

The opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort is shattering the galaxy as fans from all over the world are traveling to the land to experience its otherworldly offerings. With the premiere of the new land has been more premium-priced merchandise and alcoholic beverages, but it seems these higher price points are no issue or some fans. One special offering from this new land is a $25,000 custom built droid, which seems to be more popular than we might have originally thought.

For those who have not seen this new premium piece of merchandise from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, this $25,000 custom built droid is the most expensive item available in the land. The custom built droid features working lights, sounds, electronics, an aluminum head, wireless remote control, and a charger.


When we first learned of the release of this higher-priced item, we questioned if the Disney Park would see any orders of the droid. However, according to a new report by OC Register, three of the R-unit droids were sold in just the first week alone.

There has not been an official number of units to have been ordered by park guests. Although, from this report, it seems like this item is definitely moving. Regardless of the fact that it is the price of a new car, or enough for a nice down payment on a home in many areas around the country.

It is true that this droid is a high-quality item and according to OC Register, the appeal to some guests seems to be the level of customization available when designing the droid. Once you pay the $25,000, you get to choose the design and color scheme of you R-unit droid. Additionally, those who purchase the item also get to decide if they want the droid to have a new and shiny look or have it look like it just went through a space war.

Credit: Disney

One popular argument against the purchase of this item is the fact that it is the price of 250 of the land’s 18-inch droids available for purchase. Although, $25,000 might not be as far-reaching as we might have originally expected, judging from the first week’s sales of the droid.

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Source: Yahoo, OC Register

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