$75 drinks come to Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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Oga's Cantina

Credit: Disney Parks

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is finally here! Now fans can visit the edge of the galaxy and experience what it’s like to live in the Star Wars universe. However, it’s gonna cost you. Not only can you spend over $25,000 on a droid, but you can also spend $75 for a beer flight!

As we all know, the opening of Oga’s Cantina is a big step for Disneyland as it is the first area ever in the iconic park to serve alcohol. Although, it seems this exciting new bar is coming at somewhat of a cost to guests as some of its offerings are at a premium price.

Oga's Cantina
Credit: ITM Reporter/ Kurt Schmidt

The Alcohol found in theme parks generally comes at a higher cost and parts of Oga’s Cantina menu fits pretty well in sync with that as the libation station does offer beers at $12. But, that is the cheapest alcoholic offering you’ll find.

The more expensive drinks found in the bar range from $32 to $75, but they do come with souvenirs. Whether or not you’ll use these novelty cups again is up to you.

For $75, the most expensive option, guests get a beer flight, which gives visitors the option of trying every draft on tap. It comes served on a souvenir board, a hardwood plank with decorative hollowed Rancor teeth, where the beer samples are placed upon serving. For the price, guests get to sample four beers, a Sierra Nevada Tropical IPA, a New Belgium Red Ale, a Blue Point Lager, and a Ballast Point IPA.

Oga's Cantina
Credit: Disney Parks

The second most expensive option is the Yub Nub, priced at $42, is a spiced rum drink with fruity mixers. The drink is served with a souvenir mug from Endor and is full of some of the symbols you’ll find in the Ewok Village. But still, for $42, we wonder if a single drink and a fancy mug are worth it?

The third most expensive option is the Cliff Dweller, which is a non-alcoholic drink priced at $32. The drink is served in a souvenir Porg mug and is essentially a ginger ale-like drink with citrus, coconut and a blend of hibiscus-flavored grenadine.

Oga's Cantina
Credit: ITM Reporter/ Kurt Schmidt

We’ve all been to that fancy bar that serves some steeper priced drinks. Value is also in the eye of the beholder and we are sure many Star Wars fans could find this a bargain given the unique experience. But it does beg the question: How much is too much for the different experiences, food, and beverages found within the Disney Parks?

What are your thoughts on the drink prices at Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Comicbook.com


  1. papodaca

    This is ridiculous, just go with someone else and each buy two of the beers and share for only $49. I’ve bough flights at many bars, breweries even at the DCA Food and Wine Festival. I’ve never seen a flight this expensive. I’ll buy my plank of wood at the hardware store thanks.

    1. nebulousrikulau

      But where would you get the Rancor teeth?
      The mug/mugs are the reason for the high prices.
      Have you ever been to Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar? Or the Grog Grotto at WDW? If you get the souvenir mugs you will often pay $50 or more for a drink.
      And there are bars with no connection to Disney that have souvenir mugs that are way more expensive. *shrug*

  2. Chumba

    Trader Sam’s has had tiki mugs for YEARS at high prices. This is nothing new. Also the flip on these items are going to be insane. Heck that $49 hatbox ghost tiki mug was easily flipped for $250. So is it worth it??? Yeah.

  3. Wow

    Then don’t buy the novelty cups and just get the drinks. Seriously? These prices are not unusual for special experiences and merch. Most of the alcoholic drinks on the menu are around $15 which again, is not unusual.

  4. Gabby Christine

    I’m not waiting 2hrs for a drink even if it’s at Disneyland. There is no reservations and the line is unbelievable. Unfortunately they won’t even let you in to look around. Unless your going to buy. SMH

  5. I don’t think this is going to be worth it. The price is unusually high and I bet it’s not gonna be different from the regular priced alcohol.

  6. Matt

    Seriously, just go to any Major League baseball game. I expected to be shocked at the menu’s prices but like someone else wrote, I just shrugged.

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