Rian Johnson confirms fate of his Star Wars Trilogy with Lucasfilm

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Rian Johnson with star wars

Source: Lucasfilm

Just a few weeks ago, “Star Wars” director Rian Johnson was unsure of the fate of his intergalactic Star Wars trilogy with Lucasfilm. However, in a recent interview, Johnson set the record straight: It is happening! But when? No idea…

As shared earlier this month, Johnson shared uncertainty of the trilogy at a red carpet event for BFI, saying: “Well we’ll see. I’m still talking to Lucasfilm, they’re figuring out what they’re doing and we’ll see what happens. But I’d be thrilled if it happens, and I’m working on my own stuff too.” In this response, many were left questioning whether or not the project would ever come to be.

Rian Johnson on set Star Wars
Credit: Lucasfilm

However, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Johnson addressed his earlier statement, saying: “Did I say ‘if’? Oh god,” said Johnson with a laugh. “I have no update at all. But I’m still working with Lucasfilm on it, and they’re figuring out when they do what and everything.”

Disney first revealed that Johnson was receiving his own trilogy in the Star Wars saga back in 2017. However, over the past year Disney stopped talking about Johnson’s Star Wars story.

The last time Disney commented on any of the new Star Wars movies openly was in May when Iger commented that Lucasfilm had successfully come to a deal with filmmakers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, most famous for their work on HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

D.B. Weiss and David Benioff

This confirmation came only a week after The Walt Disney Company announced the release dates of their many movies across Pixar, Walt Disney Studios, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Fox coming over the next few years to fans. In this announcement, the dates of only a single trilogy were released, that being of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. No news of Johnson’s film trilogy was discussed.

Now that Johnson has confirmed the fact that the movie series is still in the works, our best guess of release would have to be sometime after the trilogy by Benioff and Weiss. According to Disney, their last film planned to be released in their trilogy is set for 2026. As for Johnson, his films may not make it to the big screen till sometime in 2027 or beyond.

Rian Johnson with chewbacca
Credit: Lucasfilm

Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy may be far off. However, you can catch the upcoming release of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” when it hits theaters on December 20. 

When do you think Rian Johnson’s “Star Wars” trilogy will see the silver screen? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Entertainment Weekly 

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