Julie Andrews receives Lifetime Achievement Award at Venice Film Festival

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Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins

Credit: Disney

Though it’s been a while since we’ve seen Julie Andrews appear in anything Disney related (Enchanted back in 2007 as the narrator), it’s hard to deny the impact that she’s had on Disney fans both young and old.

At the Venice Film Festival the 83-year-old “Mary Poppins” star received a lifetime achievement award and went into detail on how lucky she has been to play such iconic roles throughout her career that have continued to be remembered.

“I consider myself so blessed to have spent a large part of my professional life in the cinema arts. I still marvel at the fact that I was the lucky girl who was asked to play those wonderful roles,” she said at the event.

Julie Andrews lifetime achievement award
Credit: Venice Film Festival

Though Emily Blunt has since taken the mantle of Mary Poppins in “Mary Poppins Returns,” it’s safe to say that Julie Andrews will always be the Mary that we love (little reference there for hardcore Poppins fans).

Though it isn’t just “Mary Poppins” that Disney fans will know Julie Andrews from–she famously played Queen Clarisse Renaldi in “The Princess Diaries” and the sequel, “Royal Engagement,” alongside Anne Hathaway.

Outside of Disney movies, her biggest role was in the 1965 musical, “The Sound of Music.” Though as the movie was originally distributed Twentieth Century Fox, does that mean this is now a Disney movie? Either way, it’s safe to say that Julie Andrews is very much deserving of the award.

Though her appearance in the Disney Parks disappeared with the closure of The Great Movie Ride, there’s still hope to have her involved with the recently announced Mary Poppins attraction that is coming to the UK pavillion at Epcot! Though Disney still hasn’t announced the exact details of what’s coming, we are sure it’s going to be fantastic!

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite movie moment with Julie Andrews is!

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