Haunted Mansion Spirit Jars Now Available From Shopdisney

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Haunted Mansion Spirit Jars

With perfect timing for Friday the 13th, shopDisney now offers adoption of eight eerie, ethereal enigmas for adoption. Originally released to celebrate Disneyland’s Mansion milestone, Haunted Mansion Spirit Jars materialized on the mouse-made shopping site.

Along with the illuminating interior identifying the spirit within, these open edition collectibles arrive in gorgeous ghostly packaging. Pendants for each paranormal persona also adorn each container.

Haunted Mansion Spirit Jars lead

Perhaps one of the more unique and mysterious collectibles emerging from the 50th-anniversary celebration is the spirit jars ‘containing some of the Haunted Mansion’s more recognizable residents. Until now, these show-worthy wonders were only available at theme park locations. Now a ghost can follow your home courtesy of FEDEX shipping.

Haunted Mansion Spirit Jars come out to socialize

Eight different dark delights await adoption. Each apothecary-style jar ranges from approximately seven to nine inches tall. The diameter can be 4 to 4.5 inches.  Additionally, all arrive in their own special 11×6.5 inch tomb (box).

Haunted Mansion Spirit Jars box

Haunted Mansion Spirit Jars box

shopDisney details these spooktacular spirit jars:

  • Each motion-activated Haunted Mansion spirit jar contains lights, sound, and astral projection
  • Aged apothecary jar with a unique-to-character label and The Haunted Mansion logo lid
  • Translucent purple jar
  • Illuminated spirit character image within the jar
  • Both sound and light are activated by pressing the lid on the jar
  • The sound that is activated through the motion sensor triggers Madame Leota to laugh
  • Corresponding ”wedding ring” antiqued charm with chain (hangs on the jar for display)
  • Death Certificate of Verification
  • Comes in a heavyweight premium presentation box with a satin bed and ribbon
  • Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion in 2019
  • Disneyland’s original The Haunted Mansion attraction first opened to mortal guests on August 9, 1969
  • Collect all of our Host A Ghost Spirit Jars from The Haunted Mansion, each sold separately
  • Part of The Haunted Mansion ”Relics From Regions Beyond” Collection

Haunted Mansion Spirit Jars top

Haunted Mansion spirit jar chain

Foolish mortals have up to eight different Spirit Jars to order.  These include:

  • Amicus Arcane
  • Captain Culpepper Clyne
  • Constance Hathaway (bride)
  • Ezra Beane
  • Gus (Prisoner)
  • Hatbox Ghost
  • Phineas Plump
  • Sara “Sally” Slater

Haunted Mansion Spirit Jars sea captain

Haunted Mansion Spirit Jars sea captain

Make Final Arrangements online

Fortunately, these ghostly goodies join additional Mansion Anniversary collectibles online. Each Haunted Mansion Spirit Jar retails for $59.99 (plus tax and shipping). At the time of press, all eight of these eerie collectibles were available for purchase on the ShopDisney website.

Haunted Mansion Spirit Jars librarian

Source and images: shopDisney

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