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Haunted Mansion Spirit Jars


  1. Mark

    I am sorry but tightrope is lilian always has been what is this cannon vs not w star wars ???
    Lilian named after lilian disney ala these are orginal stories created by walt and imagineers i am sorry to dumb books based on dumb queue that is haphazard in working HM changing the real stories and making these the cannon is pissing alot of true hm fans off and its really sad! Bc unlike other attractions where things can change this is an orginal attraction w a interactive queue that btw on effects a half of fans the others probably have no clue! Or still call her lilian or wish emily would come back bc it looks silly to have hattie wo his “brokenheart” bride!
    Also forget they are always forgetting little leota all the dame time they forgot mdme this one!

    1. Harley

      Ty mark!

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