Favorite Fear Franchises: Ranking the 2019 Halloween Horror Nights Mazes

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With huge crowds and much anticipation, spooky boo season is off to a scream-worthy beginning! Buried below: insight into fear franchised for Halloween Horror Nights 2019.

With a whopping ten macabre mazes to frighten and delight visitors, it was not easy ranking the event’s houses. Each immersive incarnation instills intense thrills and chills.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights 2019 is unleashed! September 6, 2019 started off with an amazing reception for members of the media. In addition to insight into the fearsome features, the party included surprise appearances from the Chiodo brothers (Killer Klowns) and Priah Ferguson(Stranger Things). After this paranormal powered reception, guided tours of all ten terror temptations took place.

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Franchises at Halloween Horror Nights

This mostly spoiler free (with the exception of video clips) foray into Halloween Horror Nights 2019 stacks selections in order of fear factor, delightfully dark detail and overall impression. Fear franchised for Halloween Horror nights focuses on the intellectual property powered mazes.

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Rankings are based on personal opinion of the writer and in no way reflect the tremendous talent and passion poured into these amazing attractions of horror. On that note, the entire crew at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2019 brought the boo with extreme energy, tremendous talent, and excellent expertise. Congratulations to ALL of the team members who worked hard to make this event a stunning success. With dedication like that, it’s easy to see why Horror Nights is the nation’s premier, to die for, Halloween party!

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Fear Franchised for Halloween Horror Nights favorites

Licensed entertainment affords Halloween Horror Nights brand name recognition. For 2019, six intellectual property (IP) houses find their way into Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando this year.

6. Us

Doppelganger denizen danger not only stalks the Wilson family in this recreation of Jordan Peele’s fear film, their also after new life from those who brave this maze. Doing justice to the source material, creative talent from Universal successfully highlights the horror from this modern monster movie.

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Fear Franchised for Halloween Horror Nights Us

As with all six of these spooky selections, Universal gives each maze an amazing attention to detail.  US is no exception, bringing to life select scenes from this thriller.  It only ranks lowest because the wow (and nostalgia) factor of the other five outshines this maze.

5. Killer Klowns from Outer Space

From scare zone (2018) to IP maze, Killer Klowns return, with a bit more depth to their story. Working closely with the creatures of this eighties cult classic, Universal adds extra insight to maze not found in the film. Is that the scent of cotton candy?

Fear Franchised for Halloween Horror Nights KK1

Dinosaur shadow on brick wall

Not only is this zone turned house a delightful romp through the film’s finest moments (and more), its also interactive. Wherever an illuminated red button appears, be sure to press it and see what happens!

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Fear Franchised for Halloween Horror Nights KK2

4. House of 1000 Corpses

With a spot on impression of Sid Haig’s Captain Spaulding, guests are welcomed into his macabre Museum of Monsters and Madmen. Of course, the Firefly family is all there too! House of 1000 Corpses offers a more than its share of gratuitous gore along with great frights. Fans of this Rob Zombie are sure to want to see this part of his double feature (see scare zones for the other) more than once.

Fear Franchised for Halloween Horror Nights 1kC1

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What really impresses here is that the story begins even before entering this haunt. Colonel Spaulding’s macabre museum materialized inside Universal Studios Florida! From there, scenes from Rob Zombie’s horror hell play out well. Plenty of gore and dialogue keep the action coming.

Fear Franchised for Halloween Horror Nights 1kC2

Man doll being held from the arms in the mazes

3. Universal Monsters

Returning to its roots, Universal gives its classic monsters a fresh face. From Frankenstein’s monster to the Phantom of the Opera, all the big baddies make an appearance in this thrilling experience. Of course, the sets for each creature’s domain are deliciously dressed to match each monster.

Fear Franchised for Halloween Horror Nights monsters1

Classic Monsters provide perfect product placement for Universal. After all, the studio created the horror genre. Vignettes from each creature’s realm appear with amazing detail and delightful recognition. The only thing keeping this in third place is the power and draw of the top two franchises.

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2. Stranger Things

Once again, the upside-down returns to Halloween Horror Nights. This time seasons two and three provide the content. From demi-dogs to massive monsters, this eighties based series from Netflix is one of HHN’s longest mazes.

Fear Franchised for Halloween Horror Nights ST1

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Timing and pace of this house is perfect. Stranger Things (2019 version)picks up at the very end of the first season and drops fans in the middle of S2-S3 (will it return for S4?). Of note, one of the monsters in this maze is the largest of its kind created for Halloween Horror nights. From fears flowing from the Upside-down to eighties nostalgia, this maze is a must see for fans of the franchise.

1. Ghostbusters

Nostalgia, comedy and a brilliant blend of fun effects helped celebrate this eighties horror comedy 35th anniversary. Highlighting key moments from “Ghostbusters” original story and putting fans in the middle of the movie magic make this the top house for 2019. Fans were literally dancing and singing the theme song as they waited in line to see this maze!

Fear Franchised for Halloween Horror Nights GB1

Ghost with a neon light hanging from him

Fear Franchised for Halloween Horror Nights GB2

Reliving this 1984 motion picture is pure delight! Each scene is so well crafted they beg for the return of a permanent Ghostbusters attraction to the park. Of course, the scent of toasted marshmallow is a nice touch. Its easy to imagine this feeding sales of signature HHN treats like S’mores fries.

Final Notes regarding fear franchised for Halloween Horror Nights

While these six F found at Halloween Horror Nights are ranked from least to most favored, all are executed with excellence. From planning to production, the entire team at Universal Studios Florida deserve recognition for their drop-dead dedication to making this another year of to-die-for, fearsome fun!

Fear Franchised for Halloween Horror Nights GB3

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