Disney World balloon handler almost blows away in fierce winds

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Disney world balloon handler blows away

Credit: Erick Comellas

A balloon handler at Disney’s Magic Kingdom almost blew away during a series of fierce winds at a recent Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party this past Sunday.

Every Disney fan knows that no trip to the Walt Disney World is complete without a special Mickey Mouse shaped light-up balloon–and where better to purchase one of these fun and festive celebratory favors than from the many friendly balloon handlers found around the parks. These holders of the helium packed Mickey Mouse heads always seem to be so poised and together. However, just like with any job–there will always be those moments where you might be caught off guard or off your feet!

They said Mickey’s not so Scary party… but they didn’t say not so Windy! ?? Edit: the brave cast member whom slays the wind monster in this video is okay!Edit: Shout out to Brandon Myers ??❤️??

Posted by Erick Comellas on Sunday, September 15, 2019

In the video above, we see the cast member identified as Brandon Myers holding on with all his might to his collection of Halloween-themed Mickey Mouse balloons. As the wind blows, Myers can be seen struggling and almost falling to his feet. At one point, Myers is in what appears to be a one-handed pushup position as he tries to wait out the strong winds.

Finally, Myers is able to make it onto one knee before finally regaining his balance and making it back up on both feet. Even though Myers is able to make it back up after his slight fall, he continues to fight the winds as he walks away.

Disney world balloon handler blows away
Credit: Erick Comellas

For those worried if Myers was okay after his run-in with the fierce winds fear not as Erick Comellas (the person who took video of Myers) posted on his Facebook with the caption: “The brave cast member who slayed the wind monster in this video is okay!”

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