Wishables take the form happy haunts from the Haunted Mansion

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Haunted Mansion wishables

With Disney’s Haunted Mansion turning 50 this month, it seems adopting ghosts is a great way to celebrate. Soon, Wishables versions of several Haunted Mansion grim grinning ghosts join the growing list of spooky swag.

The phrase “a ghost will follow you home” takes on new meaning once ghost fans catch sight of the cute collectibles. Palm-sized paranormal plush materializes as five favored phantoms from the Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion WIshables ghosts

Foolish mortals have even more Mansion merchandise to make their home a happy haunt. Tomb sweet tomb status is as easy as taking home one, or all five, of Disney’s new Wishables ghosts.

With the exception of Gus, the prisoner, these bright blue Beanie baby-sized specters won’t be easy to identify at first. While the tiny ball and chain tethered hitchhiking ghost will be easy to spot, other playful spirits hide behind purple and green wrappers.

“50 years of happy haunts and grim-grinning-ghosts certainly make a visit to the Haunted Mansion a must-do experience celebrated by fans around the world. With this new collection inspired by the classic attraction, you can add some spooky fun to your growing Wishables collection. Did you know that the hitch-hiking ghosts have names? You can pick up the open edition, Gus the prisoner, or one of the other ghosts in the blind bags — Ezra the skeleton, Phineas the traveler, Constance the bride or the Hatbox Ghost!” – Disney Parks Blog

Haunted Mansion WIshables ghosts wrapper

These five fearsome phantoms find their way into Disneyland (CA) and the Magic Kingdom on August 14h. Can’t make into the parks? No need to turn that cadaverous pallor, Wishables have a haunting spree set for ShopDisney as well.

Wishables Ezra, Gus, Phineas, Hattie and Constance join Disney’s growing petite plush collection. Pricing was not mentioned in the Disney Parks Blog. However other characters like Mickey, Minnie, Stitch, Flounder and Br’er Rabbit retail for $9.99 on the ShopDisney website.

Source and images: Disney Parks Blog

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