New Haunted Mansion wallpaper dress haunts Disney Dress Shop

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Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Dress

Just as the happy haunts assemble for a swinging wake, a new Haunted Mansion wallpaper dress materializes at Disney’s Dress Shop! This paranormal-purple piece is sure to delight foolish mortals looking for appropriate haunting attire.

First came the tightrope stretch room scene inspired ghostly garment. Now, the very walls of Disney’s Haunted Mansion make dress up fiendishly fun.

Haunted Mansion Dress Shop dresses

Fans of Walt Disney’s ghostly retirement don’t always find a wickedly wide assortment of creepy-cool collectibles dedicated to the ride. However, rest assured, if there’s an anniversary to celebrate, themed things come out to socialize! In addition to the scores of spooky swag celebrating the Mansion’s 5oth, a brand new treat arrives.

Haunted Mansion walllpaper dress

Disney’s latest attraction inspired incarnation calls upon the very walls of the New Orleans Square haunted house. For starters, its well-stocked with delightful damask decorating the dress top, screen (scream?) printed, of course. The pale purple pallor proceeds beyond a black waist wrap. For the skirt, as the purple tones darken, infamous Mansion wallpaper print peeks from the folds.

Haunted Mansion walllpaper dress top

Haunted Mansion walllpaper dress bottom

The spirited, sleeveless styling of this delightfully dark dress require mortals to part with $128 of their hard-earned cash. There’s no telling just how long these threads haunt, so hurry (back) to the Disney Dress Shop before they vanish forever.

Dress Detail

Accessories for the Haunted Mansion wallpaper dress

Setting out for a swinging wake or spooky soiree? Of course, the Haunted Mansion wallpaper dress provides perfect party attire. However, there’s always room for one more . . . item to complete the creepy cool collection.

Why not try a Hatbox Ghost bag or Haunted Mansion tote from Loungefly? Hattie hides within Loungefly’s see though, hatbox inspired tote. This bootiful bag haunts wallets to the tune of $75.

Hat Box Ghost tote

Perhaps something a bit smaller? Ezra, Gus and Phineas hitchhike on the side of this tempting tote. Mansion wallpaper subtly spooks the exterior. It’s a perfect match with pale purple handles, too! Prepare to depart with $85.  For more after-life of the party possibilities, check out all the Haunted Mansion variations from Loungefly.

Lounge Fly

Finally, for the ultimate in Mansion accessories, check out Dooney & Bourke’s brilliant bags. Especially prepared for the Haunted Manson’s 50th Anniversary, dig up all the details here.

D&B Bags

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