Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wants a role in the next “Deadpool” film

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It looks like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is ready for a new role alongside the Merc with a Mouth. The movie mogul teased his interest in taking on a role in “Deadpool 3,” and while fans have been wondering what to expect in the film, Johnson seems to want a piece of the action no matter what.

As a warning, there are some spoilers for “Hobbs & Shaw” in this post.

After Ryan Reynolds, who plays the titular role in the “Deadpool” franchise, made a surprise appearance in “Hobbs & Shaw,” Rob Liefeld thinks Reynolds and Johnson should work together on screen again soon.

Liefeld, who is the creator of the Deadpool comics, thinks Johnson should play the role of Garrison Kane, a former member of Cable’s mercenary team, in “Deadpool 3.” After losing his limbs in a battle, Kane was given cybernetic replacements through the Weapon X program, which also helped Deadpool. And with Kane being a fan-favorite character, it’s only fitting for such a popular, well-liked actor like Johnson to play him.

Liefeld, who seems confident that “Deadpool 3” will still happen, recently Tweeted to Johnson a message he shared on his Instagram, saying that Johnson’s chemistry with Reynolds would make him a great fit for the third film:

Dearest @therock based on reports of outstanding chemistry between you and a familiar friend, I believe the next logical step is for you to join the Marvel Universe as Garrison Kane in a future Deadpool installment. You’re a natural and Kane is already celebrated by millions of comics fans who have thrilled to his adventures since I first introduced him in X-Force #2! Your pal, Rob!

Fans were happy to find out that Johnson replied to Liefeld, teasing his interest in playing the role:

Dearest Rob, thank you amigo. It’s true, in @HobbsAndShaw, I have insanely outstanding chemistry with our familiar friend. Since you created the characters, how does one Garrison Kane get alone with (Deadpool)?

Fans of the “Deadpool” franchise have already been hyped for a third film, so seeing Johnson and Liefeld’s intereaction over the weekend was definitely a treat. But Johnson isn’t the first Hollywood actor who teased “Deadpool 3” on social media. Ryan Reynolds, the Merc himself, posted about the third movie last week. And with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige officially having control over the future “Deadpool” movies, we’re sure they’re going to be awesome…and even more awesome with Johnson possibly on the cast.

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Source: Movieweb

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