Disney’s live-action Mulan replaced Mushu, made changes to original songs

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Mulan Mushu live action

Source: The DisInsider - Disney

According to a new report, Disney has made massive changes to their upcoming live-action remake of “Mulan,” including the replacement of Mushu with a phoenix and the decision to not have the film’s stars perform the music from the original 1998 animated classic.

The DisInsider, who cites a source who reportedly saw an early screening of the film, shares that the iconic and comedic dragon Mushu, played originally by Eddie Murphy, has been replaced by a phoenix. The source did not provide many details about the phoenix, other than the fact that Mushu is not present in the new film.

Mulan and Mushu
Credit: Disney

In March, it was believed that Kevin Hart would be taking on the role of the tiny dragon with a big personality. However, from this report, it seems Disney may have decided to go in an entirely different direction.

The report by DisInsider also shared that the source who saw the early screening of the film stated that classic songs from the animated musical are included in this live-action remake. Although, the cast do not perform the songs. The report states that the songs are purely instrumental versions.

As we reported in March 2017, Niki Caro, the director of the film, caused great worry among Disney fans online when she said her Mulan would not be a musical, telling Moviefone, “From what I understand, no songs right now, much to the horror of my children.”

Credit: Disney

Disney president of production Sean Bailey backed up Caro in an interview with EW in March 2017, saying “Mulan” (then in early development), is “not currently intended to be [a musical].” Bailey also added, “nothing is off the table.”

According to Caro, her “Mulan” will be a “big, girly martial arts epic” that is based on both the traditional Chinese ballad and the animated Disney classic.

At this time, Disney has not confirmed any of these potential changes. But judging from these quotes from the film’s director and the president of production, they may not be too far off.

Disney is scheduled to release “Mulan” on March 27, 2020.

What are your thoughts on these possible changes to the upcoming live-action “Mulan” film? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: DisInsider


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    Mulan is one of my favorite Disney animated movies I would like to see these changes and I appreciate the work Disney did in the Animation world.

    1. Avatar


      If mulan was your favorite you wouldn’t let them do this.

      1. Avatar


        yeah, as if she’s capable of stopping disney from doing this….

  2. Avatar


    What?! No little dragon?! BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That’s going too far!

  3. Avatar

    Omg I LOVED Mushu! Not a musical? Are they CRAZY???!!! You can get action flicks anywhere, Disney has ALWAYS been all about the music! My 2 yr old granddaughter sings Frozen & Moana ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!! First thing when we get in the car she says, “I want Shiny Crab or You’re Welcome.” This will NOT appeal to kids, oh well!

  4. Avatar


    Can’t get worse or it can. We don’t need a live action version.

  5. Avatar


    Kinda bummed about the phoenix thing. Chinese dragons are so cool! I assume they changed mushu for story reasons, a phoenix would probably somehow function better in the new story, whatever that may be. Otherwise its just too random of a change. Phoenixes are cool too, so I’m pretty curious to see what the result will be.

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    All The Best For Your Future Works.

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    Michael Vigeant


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    No. Hell no. I really liked the idea of Kevin Hart playing Mushu. This new remake doesn’t make sense. Call it something else if it won’t even be remotely close to being the same. I feel like this is an excuse to use the character names and lure Mulan fans in but nope we will be disappointed. I assure you.

  10. Avatar


    How will Mulan get down to business to defeat the Huns!?

  11. Avatar

    Amy Burt

    If you have no Mushu, you have no movie! Horrible move Disney. These changes killed the Mulan story.

  12. Avatar

    You can’t have Mulan without Mushu! Or Shane. And now that there is no singing? Horrible. Disney is all about singing. I was going to go see this when it came out but now that you cut out Mushu , Shane and singing l am probably not going to see it. I am so disappointing since this is my favorite Disney movie.

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