Twitter Reacts to #Notmyariel After Halle Bailey Is Cast in Disney’s Live-Action “The Little Mermaid”

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The internet erupted with fan reactions this week after Disney announced that Halle Bailey, known for her role in “Grown-ish” and one-half of the R&B duo Chloe x Halle, will star in the upcoming live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid.” While many fans and celebrities supported Bailey and Disney’s casting decision, others took to social media to air express their frustrations with the announcement, even going so far as creating a hashtag. Here’s what fans are saying.

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When it was first announced that Halle Bailey would play Ariel, several celebrities tweeted the news in excitement and support. From Mariah Carey to Halle Berry and Zendaya,

Still, even despite celebrity support happiness surrounding the announcement, some weren’t happy. Thousands of people posted their reactions to the news on social media, saying that Bailey isn’t a good fit for the role because she’s not a redhead and claiming it isn’t racist to not want the actress to portray Ariel. Those upset with casting choice even went so far as to start a #NotMyAriel hashtag to express just how upset they were with Disney’s choice and call upon Disney to recast a white, redheaded actress as the star of the film.


But it wasn’t long before Bailey’s supporters fired back, taking over #NotMyAriel on Twitter and using the hashtag as a way to call out racist comments against the casting decision.

Some even gave the subject a more lighthearted tone, pointing out the fact that mermaids aren’t actually real, so why should it matter if a black actress is portraying one in a fictional movie?


No matter how you feel about Disney’s decision, Bailey will be playing Ariel in the upcoming live-action reimagining of “The Little Mermaid.” We’ll have to wait two years until we get to be part of her world when the film hits the big screen, but that’s okay. We’ll keep singing along to the original soundtrack and getting excited for the day when we can finally hear Bailey belt out our favorite Disney tunes.

What do you think of Disney’s decision to cast Halle Bailey in the new version of “The Little Mermaid”? Let us know in the comments!

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