Comments for Twitter reacts to #NotMyAriel after Halle Bailey is cast in Disney’s live-action “The Little Mermaid”

Halle Bailey Ariel

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  1. Ant Carter

    I feel some of the tweets you’ve shared there are racist, you’re helping spread hate. I think you just reconsider this post

    1. Chea’

      I feel you but that’s kind of the main point of the article. They are showing the reactions to Halle being Ariel…from both sides. They can’t just show one side then it’d be a biased article showing where they stand but instead they spoke on both sides of this crazy debate.


      Well its about time..white people stuck together. If this would have been the other way around and the mermaid wouldbhave been black and they got a White person to play her … would have been WW3. I am glad for once whites are not afraid to speak up for fear of being called racists.

  2. Frostysnowman

    I guess people critical of this casting need to be reminded that mermaids aren’t real and this isn’t a documentary.

    1. Brenda E Grigg

      People KNOW “mermaids aren’t real” and that’s a sad argument to get people to be on board with change. You’re just ridiculing them and calling them racist. Ariel was portrayed a specific way and those fans loved her as-is. They’d love any Disney mermaid, but want the integrity of what they grew up with maintained. You could just try empathy instead of accusing them of racism.

      1. Carla Frost

        I am ridiculing them, but I am not calling them racist. They are doing that to themsleves.

        1. Russ171

          Yes mermaids aren’t real. Also lions can’t talk, but it was a crisis when African lions were voiced by white actors in a Disney story that was only an adaptation of Hamlet. Be consistent, that is the problem.

  3. Hey

    Yes mermaids are not real and I don’t mind Halle being Ariel but when there was a animated version where she was white and we watched it growing up it’s just hard for people to reimagine it after watching that for so long. “The Little Mermaid” is my favorite Disney Film. I do not care either way as long as she has the red hair because that girl can SING!

  4. Brenda

    Are they going to put a wig on her? I can’t imagine it’ll be easy to brush her current dreads with a fork… or will the dinglehopper be left out completely to not call out the difference in hair? The hair was a major part of the animated film – so I’m struggling to see how they plan on remaking this. Even my own naturally curly hair wouldn’t take kindly to a fork, and it’s blonde. “Humans use these… to straighten their hair out…”

    1. Janski

      They are probably going to do a “hair adjustment” on the lead no matter her ethnicity, including White. It’s not likely that they are going to find the right actress with hair that looks like the cartoon Ariel. You are cherry picking.

    2. Melanie Durham

      That’s uncalled for! Really, brushing her dreads? SMH

  5. Amanda E Craig

    Love love love it we need more diversity more acceptance that just cause she is black she isn’t a good fit as long as she sings her heart out and has red hair cause she could pull off that red hair she grew up on this movie to so why not let her be Ariel hmm

  6. Caleb

    I think a lot of people are misunderstanding the criticism of Halle Bailey being cast as Ariel …
    People here are saying it doesn’t matter because mermaids aren’t real anyway and that the people against her casting as Ariel are racist. To the both I disagree. People that are unhappy about her casting as Ariel is because Ariel was portrayed a certain way in the original film and they just want Disney to be true to that portrayal in this live action film. If they were to make a Princess and the Frog live action film I would want them to be true to Tiana’s portrayal in the original film and not change her skin color because there’s no point in doing that. You know? People just want to see a good honest portrayal of the original classic film. So it’s not because people are racist if they’re against her casting or that mermaids have no true skin color anyway cuz they’re not real…

  7. Luz Maria Maria Berber

    The little mermaid is my daughter’s favorite movie.Why change it ? Lately all white characters are being changed.

  8. Melanie Durham

    I am ecstatic that Halle Bailey is going to be Ariel! She will do a phenomenal job!

  9. Max

    I do wish that the little mermaid was kept to its originality as in the animated film. I do not think Halle is a good choice because Ariel is white. Can we cast a white person to play Tiana?

  10. Stella Howell

    I can understand our desire for colorblind movies but taking all the movies that promote white girls as smart pretty and creative and casting black actresses is just saying no one cares about non black people any longer . I want my movies to stay the way they were created.

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