Fans think Disney saved (and ruined) the “Star Wars” franchise

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“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” may be the most divisive “Star Wars” film yet, but many fans believe Disney may have actually saved the franchise. Recently, “Star Wars” fans everywhere have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions on all things “Star Wars,” and while some say time and time again that The Walt Disney Company ruined “Star Wars,” others think the company breathed new life into a franchise that may have needed some TLC.

It’s been years since Disney first announced it would acquire Lucasfilm back in 2012, and since then fans everywhere have had mixed feelings about what the acquisition means for one of the biggest franchises in film history. Yes, Disney acquiring Lucasfilm opened countless new doors for the company (from several new “Star Wars” films to themed lands at the Disney Parks), but it also awakened the force after so much time had passed since the second “Star Wars” trilogy hit theaters. Still, the acquisition is pretty divisive among the fandom. Some are happy to see their favorite film series back in theaters again, and others have expressed their opinion that Disney completely ruined the characters and stories from a galaxy far, far away. Here’s how fans are weighing in on Disney’s take on “Star Wars”:

No matter which way you spin it, “Star Wars” is here to stay, and whether fans want more “Star Wars” from Disney or not, the company is going to provide it. “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” and upcoming “Star Wars” content on Disney+ won’t be the last we see of the franchise in the media. And no matter how many fans dislike the Disney version of the franchise, nobody can deny the fact that The Walt Disney Company has encouraged a whole new generation to enjoy (and even love) everything “Star Wars,” and as fans of the franchise, we say, the more the merrier.

Are you happy about what Disney has done with the “Star Wars” franchise? Let us know your thoughts!

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