“Star Wars” BB-8 Geeki Tiki mug is rolling in from a galaxy far, far away this summer

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BB-8 Geeki Tiki

Credit: Beeline Creative

Whenever we hear about new “Star Wars” merchandise, we always have to check it out. And the latest adorable “Star Wars” mug by Geeki Tiki is probably the greatest collectible cup we’ve seen all year.

Coming this summer to San Diego Comic Con, a convention widely attended by fans of “Star Wars” and other franchises, is the latest Geeki Tiki mug inspired by none other than one of our favorite droids, BB-8. BB-8 is possibly the cutest droid out there no matter what form he takes, and this tiki mug may be our favore BB-8 merchandise on the market.

Beeline Creative is known for crafting intricately designed “Star Wars”-inspired tiki mugs that are perfect for fans of the film franchise. If you love the tiki-style souvenir cups that are often sold at the Disney Parks, then you will have to check out all the available Geeki Tikis by Beeline Creative. These mugs are every “Star Wars” and “Marvel” enthusiast’s dream, and we can’t get enough of their unique design and addictive style.

Check out the official Instagram announcement of the “Star Wars” BB-8 Geeki Tiki mug making its debut at San Diego Comic Con this summer:

The BB-8 Geeki Tiki mug retails for $35. It will be available for purchase at the Lucas Paviliion Booth 2913-M at San Diego Comic Con from Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21 this summer. It isn’t clear where else you’ll be able to get your hands on this cute collectible cup, but because the announcement says comic con attendees will be “one of the first” to purchase it, we hope this means it will be made available after the convention, as well.

For more Geeki Tikis, check out the official website here.

Will you be attending San Diego Comic Con this summer so you can purchase this new BB-8 mug from Geeki Tikis? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Beeline Creative

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