New Star Wars and Marvel plastic Tiki Tumblers arrive from Geeki Tiki

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New Star Wars and Marvel plastic Tiki Tumblers

Finally, there’s a plastic powered solution for tiki mug fans who want to take their treasures poolside or anywhere else ceramic barware is not welcome. In the same style as their collectible ceramic glass characters, new BPA free Star Wars and Marvel plastic tumblers will arrive just in time for summer!

Geeki Tiki has been wowing fans with their pop culture-themed ceramic tiki glass versions of superheroes, villains, comic characters and more. Soon, eight of their coveted characters will materialize as (up to) 28 oz. plastic tumblers.

Spiderman plastic Tiki Tumblers

Star Wars and Marvel fans will finally have a travel safe version of their favorite tiki-style personalities. No longer need they worry about parting with the likes of Tiki Darth Vader or Spider-Man when wandering into the glass-free zones of their favorite swimming pool.

Crafted by Beeline Creative, these new Geeki Tiki tumblers come complete with their own lid in straw. Four characters from “Star Wars” and four Marvel superheroes make up the first batch of take-along tumblers.


Characters include a green 21-ounce capacity Boba Fett, brown 21-ounce Chewbacca, black 19-ounce Darth Vader and white 18-ounce Stormtrooper. Each molded in the same traditional tiki style as their ceramic counterparts.

Boba Fett plastic Tiki Tumbler

Chewbacca plastic Tiki Tumbler

Darth Vader plastic Tiki Tumbler

Stormtrooper plastic Tiki Tumbler

“The Mos Eisley Kon-Tiki Bar is the only wretched hive of scum and villainy where you can count on every drink to come with a little umbrella. You’re welcome to come in any time of day, but you’d better leave your blaster and lightsaber by the door. Serenaded by the soothing notes of Figrin D’an and his Modal Nodes’ ukuleles, you can drape a flower lei around your neck and enjoy your Mai Tai in complete relaxation.” – FYE

 Star Wars plastic Tiki Tumblers


On the superhero side, plastic tiki versions of Spider-Man (red 21-ounce), Captain America (blue 19-ounce), Iron Man (orange 22-ounce) and Hulk (green 28-ounce) swoop in for summer fun.

Spiderman plastic Tiki Tumblers


Captain America plastic Tiki Tumbler


Iron man plastic Tiki Tumbler


Hulk plastic Tiki Tumbler

“These Marvel character themed Geeki Tikis make great talking points at any party or shindig. Show off your imposing Hulk Geeki Tikis or discuss Spider-Man’s latest antics over a cool drink. These adorable cups are made from durable plastic and come complete with a straw.” -FYE

Marvel plastic Tiki Tumblers

Each new Geeki Tiki Tumbler will cost fans $14.99 and should be available to pre-order soon via FYE’s website (according to a recent Facebook announcement from Beeline Creative).

Source and images: Beeline Creative Facebook page, FYE website

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