Disney’s New Flex Annual Pass Introduces Reservation System Ahead of Galaxy’s Edge Opening

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disneyland disney flex passport

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Disneyland has announced a new California resident annual pass called the Disney Flex Passport available starting May 21st which costs $599. The new pass can be paid for upfront or in a monthly payment plan and is designed for the guest who can plan their trips in advance.

The Disney Flex Passport comes with fewer blackout dates relative to the $399 SoCal Select pass because of a new system of reserving days in the parks. The park calendar will consist of 3 types of dates: “Good To Go”, Reservation Dates and Blackout Dates.

While the schedule for blackout days & reservation required days isn’t available yet, the Flex Passport promises access to all of the Disneyland Resort festivals, Halloween time, and the Holiday season. From the short video preview they offered, it looks like most of the Deluxe Passport’s weekends and holiday seasons feature more “reservation dates” while mid weeks are still mostly all “Good To Go.”

The pass features a unique booking system you can manage either through the Disneyland app or online at the Disneyland Resort website. Guests are allowed 2 reserved days within any ongoing 30 day period, separate from the “Good To Go” days which are open to unrestricted visits.

disneyland disney flex passport

You can reserve days in individual parks or select a park hopper option for reservation day. Each of the parks has extremely limited reservation slots available for each option, so this is a great pass for park fans who plan their visits well in advance and not so much for the last minute drop-ins.

disneyland disney flex passport

The new Flex Passport also offers the same discounts you’d get with the Deluxe Passport including 10% off merchandise and food but does not include free parking.

disneyland disney flex passport

The new pass is debuting ahead of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening on May 31st and will no doubt be an important aspect of the parks crowd control measures for this extremely popular new addition.

Other Disneyland Passports range in prices from $799 for the Deluxe Passport (with blackouts) to $1,399 for the Signature Plus Passport with unlimited access to both Disneyland parks all year round. The new option can allow for many local residents still in love with the park to save a few hundred dollars a year using the new clever system to still keep the crowds under control.

Let us know if this new Annual Pass would work well for how you visit the parks?

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