Dig into these tempting treats coming to Disney’s Villains After Hours party

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Villains After Hours

Being evil never tasted so good, especially at Walt Disney World’s Villains After Hours parties! Guest get to embrace their dark side and enjoy mischievous munchies at the Magic Kingdom after hours party.

Disney recently revealed several sweet and sinister snacks set to satisfy attendees of the late-night summer party. These clever creepy cool cocktails and deliciously dark desserts definitely make being evil much more enjoyable!

Villains After Hours

Once again, summer nights at the Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World Resort, FL) find themselves overrun by vexing villains. Select nights (June 3 – August 8) from 10 pm to 1 am, Disney’s darkest characters roam freely about the park for this special event.

In addition to special merchandise and sinister themed eerie entertainment, Disney chefs have conjured up a cauldron full of deliciously dark treats. There’s no need to bother the magic mirror, however. Villains After Hours has a haunting host of midnight snacks on hand. Perhaps to further entice guests into embracing their dark side, Disney just revealed a luscious line up of libations and decadent delights.

Bewitching Beverages

While this is a late night, villainous event, staying hydrated is important if one is to maintain their evil appearances. The following Villains After Hours refreshments reveal a playful, palate-pleasing line up of must-have mocktails:

A Drink from the Other Side (found at Sleepy Hollow) impeccably imitates one of New Orleans’ infamous beverages – the hurricane.

Villains After Hours Cocktails - A Drink from the Other Side

Dragon’s Breath Float, found at Storybook Treats, surprises with a colorful concoction of lemon soft serve and Sprite. Added flavors and color come from green cherries and red syrup, cherry-flavored, of course.

Villains After Hours cocktail - Dragon’s Breath Float

Tortuga Tavern serves Hades Temptation, a Cosmo-like frozen cocktail (alcohol-free) featuring the flavors of lemonade and violet Monin syrup. This purple perfection arrives topped with a gummy worm!

Villains After Hours Cocktail - Hades Temptation

Don’t lose your head for this next treat! Technically not a beverage, but rather something to add a degree of darkness to any drink. Find this Headless Horseman Novelty Straw lurking at the Liberty Square Popcorn Cart.

Villains After Hours - Headless Horseman Novelty Straw

Yzma’s Llama Potion, a pink bubbling beverage, found at Cool Ship.  This particular potion combines dry ice with flavored Fanta (strawberry).

Villains After Hour - Yzma’s Llama Potion

Mischievous Munchies

Getting in touch with one’s dark side requires strength and concentration. Rumbly tummies just won’t do. Not to worry, Villains After Hours satisfies evil appetites with a host of hauntingly yummy snacks. Catering to cravings from both camps, sweet treats and savory snacks are served throughout the night.

Take a round brownie and top it with black icing. Then, cover half of that with additional white icing. De Vil’s Treat, as this sweet treat is formally known, tempts guests visiting Casey’s Corner.

Villains After Hours - De Vil’s Treat

Dr. Facilier’s Tarot Card Treat is pure evil for anyone easily swayed by sweets. This chocolate tart is loaded with peanut butter mousse and dark (of course) chocolate ganache. A chocolate tarot card tops this Sleepy Hollow treat.

Villains After Hours - Dr. Facilier’s Tarot Card Treat

Blend black bean nacho chips with the flavors of buffalo chicken and nacho cheese to create Hades Nachos. Find this flame-inspired incarnation at Tortuga Tavern.

Villains After Hours - Hades Nachos

Headless Horseman Browkie features the image of its namesake villain (on a chocolate piece, topping the treat). What’s a Browkie, you ask? Disney describes this as “half chocolate chip cookie and half brownie.” Grab one from the Liberty Square Popcorn Cart during the evening’s evil excitement.

Villains After Hours - Headless Horseman Browkie

Cool Ship serves colorful chilled noodles in an out of this world salad (with snap peas, red onion, and sweet garlic chili sauce. Appropriately, this savory sensation is called Intergalactic Noodles.

Villains After Hours - Intergalactic Noodles.

Iconic chocolate dragon horns sandwich lime soft serve in a black waffle cone. Maleficent Cone, also topped with purple sprinkles, is sold at Storybook Treats during the Villains After Dark Party.

Villains After Hours - Maleficent Cone

Not So Poison Apple Cupcake is sure to satisfy most any sweet tooth. Pecan crunch and buttercream rest atop a spiced “apple” cupcake for this Mainstreet Bakery treat.

Villains After Hours - Not So Poison Apple Cupcake

Evoking Evil Excitement

All of the fiendishly fun food and deceptively dark drinks listed above are only available during Disney’s Villains After Hours Party. This after-hours event takes place from June through August and features fearsome entertainment and easier access to several Magic Kingdom attractions.  Find further event details (including ticket info, dates, merchandise, and entertainment lineup) here.

Source and images: Disney Parks Blog

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